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Welcome to Fun Amsterdam Escorts: Your Gateway to an Unforgettable Experience

We’re glad that you decided to take the time to check out Fun Amsterdam Escorts, and we’re sure that we can change not only your trip to the Netherlands, but your entire life. This is an incredible city that has a lot to offer, and we want to help you find beautiful women who you can enjoy it with. Do not travel alone when you could have one of these sexy girls on your arm. We want to give you a vacation that tops your list, a trip that you’ll always remember, and our hot Amsterdam escorts make that easy!

How It Works

We know how it is to explore a new city or a new country on your own, and we don’t want you to have to do that. Even if you’re just here for a night – or a month – wouldn’t you rather spend your time with a beautiful girl? Everything that you do will be more fun. When you get in touch with us, you can tell us which of the girls you want to meet; we have a list of them, along with pictures and bios, in the gallery. You can then set up a time and place for the meet-up, and we’ll take care of all of the details. We leave a lot of it open-ended – like the duration of the date or where you will go – so just call us or email us to work out the details. These beautiful girls are open to anything, from a romantic dinner to a night on the town to a night in bed.

The Legalities of Amsterdam

Very quickly, you should know that both marijuana and paying for sex are legal in Amsterdam. This isn’t like some other countries, where escorts can date you, but you can’t sleep together. The laws in Amsterdam make it very easy to have a good time. It’s important for you to know this so that you can know what to expect when you meet with your companion escort. It also important that you know why much of our site talks about where you can legally buy weed. This is what many travelers are looking for, and our travel guide pages can help, no matter which part of the city you are staying in.

Hemp City

The heart of all of the action with legal weed is Haarlem. It’s been branded as Hemp City – though some say that the residents gave themselves the title – and it’s very true. There are tons of coffee shops, with some like Wlilie’s that are very open about their wares. Others are more discrete, hiding behind the coffee shop name, but you and the Amsterdam escorts can find pot at any of them. You may want to consider checking out Maximilian, a classic little brick shop that also sells tobacco and gives out free samples at Christmas. You and the Amsterdam escorts could also take a look at the low prices and reggae theme of Theehuis Join Us or the clean, comfortable atmosphere of The Lounge.

Bars, Clubs, Restaurants and Nightlife

There is more to Amsterdam than just coffee shops, though, so you and the Amsterdam escorts may want to get out on the town for dinner and drinks. Why not start with Johannes, a fine dining establishment with a stellar menu and a large wine list, or go to Lombardo’s, an upscale burger joint that is going to blow your mind? If you’re more into the bar scene, check out Tales and Spirits, where you can get a glass of whiskey or bourbon on the rocks, or you can get a nice pint of local beer. Speaking of local beer, you just have to go to The IJ Brewery, designed and built into a windmill. There is no better way to experience Dutch culture and drink at the same time.

Historic Sites and Tourist Hotspots

Maybe you and the Amsterdam escort want to explore the area a bit, doing some touristy things while you’re in town. Make sure you get to the Dam Square and see the palace there. Not only is it an incredible example of architecture, but it’s an activity center for the city and a historic icon. Next, take the time to walk along at least one of the three main canals. You can even take boat tours, something that helps you explore the entire city in a fast, unique way. The history buff in you is going to love the Anne Frank House or the many museums, like the Resistance Museum or the Rijksmuseum, or National Museum. There is so much to see that these few options barely scratch the surface!

Check Out the Gallery

To learn more about the individual Amsterdam escorts, go to our gallery page. There are sexy pictures of all of the girls that you’re sure to love, and there are bios so that you can get to know them. If you have any questions about them after that, we’d be happy to give you any other information that you want.

Contact Fun Amsterdam Escorts Now!

Now that you know exactly what Amsterdam has in store for you, don’t you think that it’s time that you got in touch? Your time here is just not going to be the best that it can be without a seductive Amsterdam escort by your side. Whether you want to go out on the town for drinks, get a nice meal together, hit up the historic sites, or just spend your time really relaxing in the coffee shops, these girls make all of the difference. If you contact us now, we would be glad to get everything in order. Head over to our contact page to find our email address and phone number, and then get in touch with us today!!

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