Arriving In Schiphol and Visiting Katwijk

The Best Reception You’ll Ever Get at an Airport

When you fly into Schiphol Airport, how do you want to be greeted at the gate? You’re going to be very excited that you’ve arrived, knowing that quite an adventure lies before you. Maybe you decided to come here to check out the Amsterdam escorts and go to the Red-Light District. Maybe you’re interested in some down time that you can spend in the great little coffee shops that dot the city, all of which sell marijuana right over the counter. Maybe you’ve heard about the legendary nightlife, and you want to get out to the bars and restaurants so that you can see if all of the rumors about how fun it can be here are really true.

No matter why you’ve come, your excitement is going to be off the charts. Don’t you want to be greeted upon arrival in a way that fits with this excitement? Do you want something to make it even better, to show you right away that you made the right choice when you decided to fly to Amsterdam and visit The Netherlands? If so, the only way to go is to call us to have one of our Amsterdam escorts meet you when you arrive. These sexy women can greet you as soon as you get here, showering you with affection and lusty advances, and you’ll be having a great time before you even get to your hotel, climb into bed, and find out what these women do best.

The Practical Aspects of Amsterdam Escorts

Now, it is sometimes hard to look past the incredible beauty of an Amsterdam escort who is looking at you like she just wants to tear your clothes off of your body, but there is a practical side as well. Not everyone here speaks English, so, if you are coming from England, Canada, Australia, the United States or another English-speaking country, you need someone who can translate. The Amsterdam escorts can help you talk to cab drivers, they can read the street signs, they can help you check into your hotel and, if you’re hungry when you get here, they can even help you order a meal. Everything is easier when you’re with someone who speaks both your language and the native language. They can also show you around the city to make sure that you do not get lost.

Attractions Near the Airport

After you and the Amsterdam escorts go to the hotel and get further acquainted with each other, you may want to go out to get something to eat or drink. You could also be looking for some marijuana. If your hotel is near the airport, then you might as well look at the nearby attractions as well. Here are some excellent places where you can take Amsterdam escorts that are not going to take that much travel time.

Cafe Rembrandt

This is a really cool little bar where you can sit out on the patio and drink a beer. They have a sign for Amstel over the door, but you can get many other types of beer on top of that. They even have some that are brewed right in The Netherlands, giving you a good chance to taste what the country has to offer. The bar food is not going to blow your mind, but it’s pretty good, with sandwiches, sausages and a lot of local dishes. If you want food and drinks quickly, this is one of the top places to go with an Amsterdam escort after you arrive. You can find it at Aankomstpassage 45, 1118 AX Schiphol, and they have a listed phone number of 20 653 8131. They’re open from 9am until midnight.

Dakota’s Cafe, Bar & Restaurant

If you and the Amsterdam escorts don’t even want to leave the airport at all, this bar is located right in the main food court. The food here is good, with chips, sandwiches, pie and things of this nature, but it is already prepared in many cases, so it’s not the best. If you are seriously hungry and cannot wait, this place could work, but you’re better off to get at least a short distance away from the airport itself.

Grand Café Amsterdam

As the name would imply, the Grand Cafe is a bit more upscale than some of the other options. They have polished wood furniture, a fancy bar, decorated banks of overhead lights and a general style that is trending toward fancy without being a fine dining establishment. You can get wine here, which you do not find at some of the other nearby restaurants and bars, but they also have beer and cocktails. They get many five-star reviews, so you and the Amsterdam escorts can know that they are certainly pleasing their customers. You can find the cafe at Vertrekpassage 3, 1118 AV Schiphol, or you can phone at 020 625 01 31.

Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar

One of the most unique bars in the airport itself is Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar. It starts off with the excellent food, comprised of sushi, crab, salmon and many other options for you to pick from. The wine list is better than you’d expect, and the whole décor is fairly modern. They also have a casino, which can be a fun way to spend some time. It is located in Lounge 1, and it’s open until 9pm.

Katwijk Main Beachfront Strip.

Amsterdam Escorts Are Ready for You to Experience the Sexy Side of Katwijk

Katwijk is located north of the The Hague and is the largest city in the Dune and Bulb Region. It has a long history, with the first reference coming in 1231. Today, the city is thriving, with plenty for tourists and locals alike. For those that want to explore this beautiful beach resort city, an Amsterdam escort will be the perfect companion. She will know all the best places to dine, dance and play. At the end of the day, you’ll be more than ready to take your sexy seductress back to your room.

Explore These Great Attractions While in Katwijk

Katwijk is known for its beautiful beaches, so you can enjoy some fun in the sun with your sexy, bikini-clad Amsterdam escort. After watching your date get all wet, you may be ready to head back to the hotel, but there are many terrific places to see in Katwijk.

Katwijk Museum.

For those that are history buffs, consider visiting the Katwijk Museum. Located in the center of the old fishing village at Voorstraat 46 2225 ER Katwijk ZH, you and your Amsterdam escort can walk through this beautiful villa full of gorgeous paintings and valuable objects telling of the history of the area. It’s a very impressive museum and certainly worth your time to explore with your escort Amsterdam provides. However, it could be difficult to keep your mind on the exceptional displays of the art with such a beautiful Amsterdam escort by your side. Phone 071 401 30 47 for more information.

Fantastic Katwijk Dining Venues for You and Your Amsterdam Escort

Many terrific dining venues await in Katwijk. From the most casual café to incredibly romantic restaurants, you and your date will love this city for its available cuisine. Below, you will find a couple of terrific choices for your dining pleasure. There’s more pleasure to come later with your sexy Amsterdam Escort.

Kw 106

If you love seafood, Kw 106 is a must-visit while in Katwijk. Don’t be misled by its beach location. This is an elegant, exceptional restaurant with light décor and some of the best fish and seafood to be found in area. The rave reviews are from locals and tourists alike. The plates are presented beautifully, but with substantial portions. There are new dishes presented every day, too. The wait staff is attentive and wine list is extensive. You’ll find Kw 106 at Strandvak 3 t/o Boulevard 141, Katwijk. Call 071-4075113 for reservations.

De Griek

This Greek restaurant is known for its huge portions at reasonable prices. The lamb dishes are often raved about, as is the exceptional staff. From traditional Greek dishes to some local favorites, this restaurant will provide an intimate ambiance for you to get to know your Amsterdam escort. Savor a bottle of fantastic wine and enjoy some scintillating conversation with your date. Located at Voorstraat 42 | 2225 ER, Katwijk. It’s recommended that you phone for reservations at 071 4010881.

Don’t Forget the Cannabis!

Before heading out to experience the nightlife in Katwijk, don’t forget to get setup with some great marijuana. You’ll need to make a quick trip to Amsterdam and your escort Amsterdam provides will likely know just the best coffee shops to visit. There are other pleasures available, too, such as sex shows and shops in the Red Light District. You and your date will surely have an experience that is out of this world.

Het Koffiehuis

When you enter Het Koffiehuis, you’ll quickly realize this is a laid-back bar that is a favorite among the locals. It’s a terrific place to grab a drink and maybe some tapas before heading out to catch a show or hit the dance floor. The music will play a mix of Led Zeppelin to Bob Marley, and the drinks will flow easily all night long. If you want to challenge your Amsterdam escort to a game of chess, you’ll find the tables at the back of the bar. You’ll find this hidden gem of a bar at De Grent 32 2202 EL Noordwijk ZH and you can phone them at 71 3616961.

Murphy’s Law

If jazz is more your style, check out Murphy’s Law at Dr. Kuyperstraat 7 2514 BA Den Haag. This bar has live jazz jam sessions on Monday and incredible jazz music the rest of the week. Some of the regular performers are David Dugan, Juraj Stanik and Maurits Roes. You’ll find a terrific selection of bottled beer, wines and single malt whiskey, or you can order a unique specialty drink for your Amsterdam escort. Sit back and let the music flow over you. You can call Murphy’s Law at 70 4272507 to see who’s playing tonight.

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Boats Along Katwijk’s Harbor.