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Options Near Aalsmeerderbrug for Food, Drinks and More

If you’re coming to Amsterdam on a business trip, there is a good chance that you’re going to spend a lot of your time in Aalsmeerderbrug, as it is something of a business district. Among other things, it is home to Liberty Global Europe Financing and Schuberg Philis. A lot of professionals go here before meeting up with the sexy girls from Fun Amsterdam Escorts, closing business deals and hashing out financial plans for the future. After your hard day of work is over, though, don’t you want to take the time to relax with beautiful Amsterdam escorts, getting food, drinks and maybe some bags of legal marijuana? Where can you go without having to travel halfway across the city?

Luckily for you and the Amsterdam escorts, there are a number of places that you can check out just on the far side of the canal. We’ve done the hard work of putting together this quick guide so that you don’t even have to waste a second looking around after you get here. We can first help you find a ravishing Amsterdam escort who promises to show you a good time, both while you enjoy your meal and after you get back to the hotel and climb in bed. After you find the girl you want the most – look in the gallery to get more familiar with your options – we can tell you just where you should take her near Aalsmeerderbrug.


Hachi, Sushi & Grill Bar

If you love fresh sushi, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better place. They also have a grill if you and the Amsterdam escorts are interested in steak, grilled fish, vegetables, and all sorts of other great dishes. The options are endless, and they also give you a full bar so that you can get a gin and tonic, a glass of bourbon on the rocks, or whatever else you desire. After you and the Amsterdam escorts finish eating, walk the two blocks down to the canal and take a romantic stroll along the water’s edge. You can find this place at Dorpsstraat 6, Aalsmeer, Netherlands, and you can call them at +31 297 267 787.

Café Bar Joppe

This is another place that’s within walking distance of the canal, though it is a bit farther toward the center of the city than Hachi. This is a cafe that any Amsterdam escort can tell you tends to get excellent reviews. In many ways, it’s your classic bar, with baskets of peanuts and pints of beer on every table. There is an atmosphere of fun, with live bands coming in to play shows. They have typical bar food if you’re interested in eating, but the selection of cold beer is really what is going to draw your attention after a day of work. Get ready to relax, knock back a few pints, and enjoy the company of your beautiful companion. You and the Amsterdam escorts can find it at Weteringstraat 8, 1431 BC, Aalsmeer, or you can call them at +31 297 322 949.

Café De Praam

You and the Amsterdam escorts will find this bar right next to Joppe, so you may want to hit them both up if you’re interested in seeing as much of the city as you can before you leave. The servers wear traditional Dutch outfits, so this is a place with some culture. They have beer festivals and music playing over the sound system; basically, it’s everything that you’re after if you’re looking to party and have a good time. There are a lot of tourists who go here, along with the locals, so the servers usually have no problem if you don’t speak Dutch. They often have theme nights, like Tropical Night, so you may want to check out the website or call before you go there. You can call them at +31 297 322 010, and their address is Zijdstraat 60, 1431 EE, Aalsmeer, Netherlands.

Café Sportzicht

Finally, you and the Amsterdam escorts should really take the time to check out Sportzicht. It is the farthest away – though just by a few blocks – but there is just no way we can leave it off of this list. That’s how much we love everything about it, from the leather bar stools to the pool tables to the cold draft beers. They pride themselves on giving you more than just a bar where you can drink, bringing in live bands, setting up card tournaments, giving you games to play, and hosting a lot of celebrations and gatherings. They even have theme dinners on some nights, though you should call ahead to find out when those will take place. There is a lot to love here, and we are sure that you’ll enjoy yourself. You can find it at Sportlaan 44, 1431 HZ Aalsmeer, Netherlands, or you can call +31 297 324 705. Look for the Amstel sign out front.

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