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Amazing Food and a Beautiful Woman Await You in Abcoude

Sure, the big city is full of life and pleasure, as well as numerous restaurants and places to find entertainment. But the Netherlands of full of less well-known places, such as Abcoude. When you decide to spend a day, evening or night with one of our beautiful Amsterdam escorts, you need to know you can take her somewhere that’s both fun and relaxing. Why not get off the beaten path?

Abcoude is in the Utrecht province, right in the heart of the country. Only about 13 kilometers away from Amsterdam, it keeps you close to the action, but lets you step away from the hubbub. One of the most interesting features of Abcoude is that it sits on the confluence of three rivers — Angstel, Gein and Holendrecht. Although most of the town was burned down by the French in the late 17th century, it was rebuilt to have over 1,000 inhabitants by the 19th century. Today, it’s connected to Amsterdam, Gouda and Rotterdam by rail. Many of our Amsterdam escorts are familiar with Abcoude, and all of them would be happy to join you for a day or a week in the region.

As the central province of the Netherlands, Utrecht is known to have warred with its many neighboring counties during the middle ages. In later centuries, it was owned by the Hapsburgs and fought against Phillip II of Spain as part of the United Provinces. By the time of World War II, Utrecht was long under German control, which was followed by Canadian occupation. In the later decades of the 20th century and early years of the 21st, it gained some towns from the South Holland Province.

abcoude beauty

The Utrecht Hill Ridge is located in the eastern part of the province, and is a chain of hills created by glacial ice around the last ice age. Today, many pine plantations exist there. To the west are gentle meadows. Big lakes, formed with the digging of peat bogs, characterize the northern parts of Utrecht, and the south is a lovely landscape of rivers. There is plenty of beautiful and protected nature in Utrecht, and our Amsterdam escorts will always be glad to enjoy this time away from the city.

We understand that there are very particular things you want to do with your Amsterdam escort, but maybe you’d also like to enjoy the lay of the land, so to speak. For that reason, we’ve gathered information on places to go and things to do while you’re spending time with one of our Amsterdam escorts. Especially if you’ve never been to the area before, or are completely new to the Netherlands, you’ll appreciate this guide as some suggestions for how to make the most of your time here!

Amsterdam Escorts are the Perfect Companions for Exploring Abcoude

We want to help your visit to Abcoude and your time with an Amsterdam escort to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Hopefully, this collection of attractions, restaurants and more will be of use. Know that there are always plenty of bars, coffee shops, brothels and other pleasures not far from where you are at any given time.

Anna Haen

This farm connects you with some of the best of Dutch and regional culture. You and any of our Amsterdam escorts will love this experience combining local food and gorgeous landscapes. Contemporary yet welcoming interiors, along with plenty of opportunity to try and purchase goods, will make this a must during your time in Abcoude. Find Anna Haen at Gein Zuid 23, Abcoude 1391 JE or learn more when you call +31 294 288108.

Cafe Restaurant De Eendracht

Choose to sit indoors or out at this quiet and relaxed, yet somewhat upscale cafe. You and one of our Amsterdam escorts can have a light snack or a full meal, and either would be incredibly enjoyable. Drink in the atmosphere while you eat seasonal foods, and take a little time to get to your your very pretty companion. Find Cafe Restaurant De Eendracht at Hoogstraat 37, Abcoude 1391 BR or call 0294 287211 for more information.

Jasmijn Chinese Restaurant

Like anyone else, Amsterdam escorts love a good Chinese meal. Jasmijn Chinese Restaurant will give you an alternative to the traditional and seasonal Dutch dishes of other Abcoude restaurants. Stop in to Jasmijn Chinese Restaurant Kerkplein 3, Abcoude 1391 GJ. You can also call 294 281 975.

Porta e Porta

Everyone loves Italian food, and you and your Amsterdam escort can order from a menu of pizza, calzones, salads and more. This is a great choice for a quick, casual and affordable lunch or dinner that will keep you close to the action of the town center in Abcoude. Find Porta e Porta at Voordijk 23, Abcoude or call +31 294 288 613.

Restaurant ‘t Regthuys

Want to dine right on the water and watch the boats go by? Restaurant ‘t Regthuys offers affordable meals of all kinds in a laid back environment. A friendly and helpful staff will give the two of you excellent service at Amsterdamsestraatweg 1, Abcoude 1391AA. Please call 0294-288249 for more information.

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We know that you can’t wait to get to Abcoude, or to get your hands on an Amsterdam escort. Together, the two of them will make for some amazing memories that you can take home and share or just keep to yourself. All of our girls are hand selected to be not only beautiful, but excellent companions. She can join you for a cocktail party, at the pub or for a night of dancing and everything else you can imagine. Even better, these ladies are discreet and sophisticated. So what are you waiting for? Spend a little time looking at our gallery of Amsterdam escorts, contact us, and we’ll send her your way!

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