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Amersfoort, The City with a Heart

No matter what brings you to the Amsterdam area, you’ll find more here than what you had in mind. History, architecture, entertainment and hospitality are found in abundance in the City with a Heart. In 2009 Amersfoort celebrated its 750th birthday as a city however inhabitants have been found in the Amersfoort region since the Mesolithic period. While you would be hard pressed to stumble upon an ancient campsite, the inner city of Amersfoort has been well preserved since the Middle Ages.

Take a Walk Back in Time

Amersfoort is constantly growing! Once the original city walls were built around 1300 the locals quickly realized they needed to more space for their people. You and your private escort won’t want to miss the sights you’ll see by walking along the second fortified city wall, which was completed around 1450.

The famous Koppelpoort

The Koppelpoort is part of the second wall that was constructed. This is the city’s gate which combines land, water, intricate brickwork and massive doors to give you just a small glimpse of the life here in the Middle Ages. The gate, which used to be opened and closed daily by a minimum of twelve men, has seen everything from city sieges to lavish puppet shows. After the sight of your gorgeous and fun Amsterdam Escort, this is the one thing in Amersfoort guaranteed to take your breath away.



The Muurhuizen, or “wall houses”, are a beautiful row of houses that now stand where the original city wall stood. The house fronts were built directly above the wall foundation and some of the houses were even built using the bricks from the original wall.

Explore the Canals

With your sexy Amsterdam Escort we encourage you to see why Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North. Many cities in the Netherlands are built around canals and Amersfoort is no exception. Whether exploring on foot or in a boat we highly recommend making your way in and around Amersfoort through the canals.

Walking Along the Canals

You can choose to wander aimlessly through the canals following where your heart leads you or you can pick up a local map from the tourist office to follow some of the suggested walking routes for visitors. Either way you’ll stumble upon some of the very best sights in town.

There is also an organization that offers free and low-cost tours regularly through town in English, German and French. The tour always includes a visit to the Koppelpoort, the city’s marvelous gates and the Muurhuizen as well as other important landmarks for the city. You can book a city tour through their office. The telephone number is: +31 334 722 236.

Boating in the Canals with Waterlijn

If you’d rather spend time with one of our Amsterdam Escorts on the waterfront, with Waterlijn you can reserve a rental boat to cruise around the marvelous canals or simply enjoy one of the tours offered. During summer season from May 1 to October 31 tours are offered daily. To make things a bit more interesting during certain days of the month in July and August there are themed boat rides. Themes can include Dream Boat, Mystery Boat or Pirate Boat! I mean who doesn’t like a little role-play? You can book a tour at the store located at Krommestraat 5, 3811 CA Amersfoort or by calling +31 033 654 636.

Food, Drinks and Party

We know you are bound work up an appetite rolling around with that incredible woman of yours! Here are a few places you can go for dining, drinking or partying with your beautiful date.

Grand Cafe Vyssotski

The Grand Café Vyssotski, located at Lieve Vrouwestraat 17, offers day and night entertainment. From Lunch until early morning you’ll always find something going on here. The large terrace offers a beautiful place to stop by for a great latte macchiato and have a quiet moment getting to know your incredible date! The lunch menu is great for soups, sandwiches and beers. In the evenings on Monday you can feel that Latin heat with salsa night. On Thursdays and every other Friday you can find dancing or live music in abundance. Their phone number is +31 33 461 3499.

Café Thuis

A relatively new place in town, Café Thuis already has people lining up outside to get in the door in the late night hours. Early evenings on Friday and Saturday start with Karaoke in a great lounge area with chairs and sofas. Café Thuis has a smoking space to relax and enjoy some of that legal marijuana you’ve heard so much about. Keep in mind, our Amsterdam Escorts love to go out and get a little crazy, Café Thuis also has a stage and a dancing space. Take advantage of this time to work up a sweat with your sexy date and then head back to your hotel to finish everything you started on the dance floor. You can make your way to Café Thuis at Lavendelstraat 5, Amersfoort, Netherlands.

Unforgettable Moments with Amsterdam Escorts

It doesn’t matter if you come to Amersfoort for business or pleasure, you’ll leave completely satisfied. Each of our escorts are incredibly good looking and unique! Take a moment to look through their bios to see which girl most appeals to you. If you just can’t decide, call us and we’ll set up a date with the one we think would be the perfect match for you! Don’t wait too long, these girls love to make your fantasies a reality.