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Amstelhoek Gives You the Riverside Life You Crave

The Amstel River is the majestic body of water that brings the Netherlands together, flowing into Amsterdam and giving the city its name. Right on the banks of that river is the picturesque village of Amstelhoek. It is part of Utrecht province, and the village itself only has around 600 inhabitants, so it gives you the quiet, small-town life that really seems to fit the area. If you want to go into the big city when you take Amsterdam escorts out on a date, you certainly can, and there are urban centers like Haarlem not far away. If you want something a bit more low-key, though, you can just sit on the bank, watching the water and the boats traveling up and down, and you’ll feel like you’ve found one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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The only problem with coming to a place like this on your vacation is that you really don’t have many people to spend time with. The village is small, and your options are limited if you want to go out on a date or find a hookup for the night. That’s what makes Amsterdam escorts so perfect for your situation. They want to be with you, they’re eager to please you, and they make sure that you meet someone engaging and sensual. Whether you just want a companion for the day or someone to keep your bed warm all night long, you’re not going to find anyone who is a better fit.


Café Onze Vrijheid

The first place to go with the Amsterdam escort is this little cafe right in Amstelhoek. While it may be small, do not let the size fool you. This is anything but a dive bar. In fact, you and the Amsterdam escorts with find that it’s a place with style and class, where much of the clientele will be sipping martinis or sharing bottles of wine. You can sit at the beautiful wood bar or ask for a table where you and the Amsterdam escorts can have a bit more privacy. There are candles on the tables, but there is very good natural lighting if you come during the day, so the vibe inside changes a bit depending on when you get there. The prices can be a little high, but for style like this, it’s worth every last cent. You will find this bar at Mijdrechtse Zuwe 69, 1427 AV, Amstelhoek, Netherlands, and their phone number is +31 297 564 541.

Hertog Jan op het Water

If you and the Amsterdam escorts don’t mind crossing the river and going slightly outside of the village, you can get to this stunning riverside bar. The building itself, with its white and brown color scheme, looks very traditional and charming. When it’s all lit up at night, it is a warm and inviting place to be, the type of place that you can imagine feeling called to if you are a traveler passing through town, perhaps seeking cover from a storm. The views outside are unmatched, as you literally can’t be closer to the water without being in the river, and there are often boats pulled up to the bank outside. It is not so much a bar as it is a fine restaurant, with options like grilled vegetables and tender cuts of steak. They also have a great draft beer menu, and we’d recommend getting your drink and then taking the Amsterdam escort to sit on the outdoor terrace. You will find this place at Wilhelminakade 62, 1421 AB, Uithoorn, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 297 561 233.

Sjiek aan de Amstel

Just a bit to the south, down the river’s edge, you can find this restaurant that gives you the luxury that you want. There are brick interior walls, fine place settings, a gold couch, and beautiful chandeliers. Everything is as crisp and clean as can be, and they do a good job of bringing together traditional elements and modern style. As you’d hope, they have Amstel beer on tap – it does take its name from the river – along with a number of other options. Even with the fine appearance, the menu caters to your taste buds, with options like eggs and toast, ham, fresh fruit and even chicken fajitas. And that’s just the lunch menu. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find this place at Marktplein 11, 1421 AC, Uithoorn, Netherlands. If you want to call them, please dial +31 297 520 199.

Café De Herbergh 1883

This place serves food and drinks, with a complete dinner menu and a lunch menu, and we can attest that the food is done very well. However, what we love about the place is the drink menu. If you’ve already eaten and you just want to get a warm beverage and some alcohol with the Amsterdam escorts, take a stroll down the river until you get there. Then choose from options like black coffee, Irish coffee, French coffee, Spanish coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, hot chocolate and more. Whatever style you want, they can make it, and we strongly suggest coffee mixed with a smooth creamer and fine whiskey or bourbon. It will warm you up from the tips of your toes. You can find the place at Schans 108, 1423 CA, Uithoorn, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 297 568 383.

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If you want to experience life on the banks of this stunning river, this is the town in which you should do it. You can really relax and enjoy yourself, but the small size by no means indicates that it is devoid of fine places to eat and drink with an Amsterdam escort. Our beautiful girls are looking forward to meeting you, and they hope you’ll call today!

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