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Hit Up the Theaters and Bars of Amstelveen with Your Amsterdam Escort

Now that you know you’ll be in the Amstelveen area, it’s time to start planning how you’ll spend your time. You’re likely aware that the Netherlands is a place of innovation, good food and rich history. You probably also know that our openness about brothels, marijuana and other pleasures is one of the greatest attractions. Amsterdam escorts are part of that attraction, and we’re glad to introduce them to you here.

Legal sex and drug use are a great way to unwind. Whether you’re coming to the area for business or pleasure, meeting up with an Amsterdam escort is a safe and memorable way to make the most of your time in Amstelveen. We consider ourselves your host, and want to see you enjoy this region. In that spirit, we’ve gathered some information on the city, and will share it, as well as places to go and things to do, with you in this article.

Amsterdam escorts are beautiful, intelligent women who love to help you relax. Not only are they fantastic looking, but they are discreet and sophisticated. When you set your eyes on the girl of your dreams, all you have to do is call and make a date with that Amsterdam escort.


Amstelveen is in the province of North Holland, and is made up of several smaller villages and districts. The name Amstelveen comes from the Amstel River, which it sits upon, and the Dutch word “veen,” which means peat or moor. In the early part of the 19th century, the city was occupied by the French, and by the 20th century it was simply a small and rural village. Livestock was the main money maker, though a culture around plants and flowers was already beginning to emerge. Later, a road connecting Amstelveen to the Schiphol area encouraged more settlement in the area, which today is a thriving place with more than 80,000 people. As women with an interest in history and culture, our Amsterdam escorts will certainly be interested in these historic details.

Here are some suggestions on where to go while you’re here, and what might most impress one of our Amsterdam escorts.

Amsterdam Escorts Will Make Amstelveen Even More Exciting

This city offers endless options restaurants, bars, entertainment, shopping and so much more. Any of our Amsterdam escorts will be thrilled to spend a day, evening or night with you here!

Schouwburg Amstelveen

We can promise that just about all of our Amsterdam escorts will love a night at Schouwburg Amstelveen. This venue features cabaret, ballet, theater, film, concerts, musicals and more for your entertainment. Sit back and relax while some of the finest performers make you laugh, cry and beg for more. Schouwburg Amstelveen is located at Square 100 1181 ZM Amstelveen and you can call 020 547 51 75 for more information.


If just watching musical performances isn’t enough, come to P60 for live music and dancing. Of course, you can also get a good meal and a round of pool — a favorite of many Amsterdam escorts. Still, P60 is best known for its jam sessions and dance parties. Vegetarian friendly and welcoming to everyone, P60 is a great place to show off your Amsterdam escort.

Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Clog Factory

At 150 years old, the Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Clog Factory gives you a glimpse of what living and commerce in the Netherlands used to be like. The old barn is now a wooden shoe factory, and the gift shop offers numerous options for souvenirs. Take a tour and try the cheese when you visit Bovenkerkerweg 106, Amstelveen 1188 HX or call 31 (0)297-582279.

Amsteltuin Vineyard

Containing well over 3,000 grape vines, Amsteltuin Vineyard is known for interesting, as well as delicious, wines. Feel free to stop by for a tasting or single glass, or take part in a workshop. The vineyard can be found at Langs de Akker 5 1186 DA or called at 0653835727.

Museum Jan van der Togt

You and your chosen companion from our gallery of Amsterdam escorts will certainly love the Museum Jan van der Togt. Take in the modern art in mediums including sculpture, paintings and glass work through the generosity of an art benefactor and collector. Since 1991, this has been a very popular attraction in Amstelveen, and you can find it at 1182 JE Amstelveen or when you call 020 641 5754.

Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest)

This is the largest park and recreation area in the Amsterdam region. Trees and meadows mean plenty of picnicking (and cuddling) space, as well as paths for walking and bike riding. Special treats include a goat farm, pet zoo and homemade cheese and ice cream. Better yet, there’s an outdoor theater, botanical garden and options for water sports. Amsterdamse Bos is at Bosbaanweg 5 1182 AG Amstelveen. The phone number is 020 545 6100.

Indoor Golf Amstelveen

Feel the need to swing a club? Check out some indoor sport at Indoor Golf Amstelveen. As fit, often athletic women, our Amsterdam escorts are often up for a round or two if you are. Come on over to Langs de Werf 7, Amstelveen 1185 XT, or call 020-4260750 to learn more.

Aan De Poel

This is one of the top rated restaurants in Amstelveen. Enjoy international cuisine in a lovely atmosphere characterized by excellent service. The menu strives to reflect fresh and seasonal tastes, and offers both lunch and dinner. Aan De Poel is located at Handweg 1, Amstelveen 1185 or you can call +31(0)20 3451763 for reservations.

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