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Everything You Need to Know About Dating in Amsterdam

When you first set foot in Amsterdam, looking for a good time, what is at the top of your list? Odds are very good that you’re looking for Amsterdam escorts, beautiful women who can accompany you no matter what type of entertainment you’re looking for. Most people who come here on business trips are traveling alone, and they have a lot of time to kill around meetings and presentations. What could possibly be better than going out with beautiful Amsterdam escorts? These girls can make your time in the city as invigorating and exciting as you can imagine.

A City with Everything

As you’ll see when you go out with the girls from Fun Amsterdam Escorts, this is a city with a little bit of everything. Are you after a nice pub where you can get some traditional Dutch food and strong beer? Do you want to go to a club where they have the most popular dance music pumping through the speakers and people are doing shots as far as the eye can see? Maybe you don’t care about the nightlife all that much, and you just want a gorgeous Amsterdam escort to show you the historic sites in the city, all of the landmarks that help visitors really get to know the town. Amsterdam provides all of this and more, and so there are a few key places you should check out with that sexy companion at your side.

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The Coffee Shops

Let’s start by taking a look at the coffee shops that you can hit up with the Amsterdam escorts. The weed and hash is totally legal here, so buy what you want and enjoy yourself! White Widow is very popular, as it Amnesia Haze and Orange Bud; if you already know about marijuana, you’ll find there are tons of options to pick from, or the Amsterdam escorts can give you some suggestions. There are dozens of shops around, like Willi Wortel’s Sativa, with its bright lights and train bench, or Easy Going, with a good selection and foosball tables that you can play while you smoke. All of the shops are a bit different, but you can rest assured that it won’t be hard to find one.

Pubs and Bars

Amsterdam has some of the best bars in the world, and you and the Amsterdam escorts definitely have to get out on the town to get a drink. You could go to Café Belgique, for example, a tiny little bar that still has an incredible 30 tap beer options. You may want to check out the IJ Brewery, built into a towering windmill, that is full of character and charm. You may be tempted more by Whiskycafé L&B if you are into harder drinks, as they offer an insane 1,400 different types of whiskey, bourbon and scotch that you can try. Once you get downtown, you and the Amsterdam escort will never have to walk more than a block or two to find some of these gems.

Historic Sites

The most famous historic sites in Amsterdam are the canals. Everything revolves around them, and walking along the side or taking a boat tour is a good way to see what the place is really all about. You may also be interested in the Dam Square, where the old royal palace still stands. There are many little cafes and restaurants about where you can eat in a truly historic section of the city. Everything is just rich with culture and age. If you are interested in music, you and the Amsterdam escorts may want to look at the Concertgebouw, where the orchestra plays, or the Stopera, a perfect local opera house. There are also museums to choose from, like the vaunted National Museum.

Golf Courses

Finally, you may want the Amsterdam escorts to accompany you to the golf courses so that you can play a round and then go back to the clubhouse for a world-class meal and some excellent drinks. We would recommend the Golf Club Amsterdam Old Course, with its great historic buildings and fabled lawns. People have been playing here for generations, and you can be part of that tradition. This course is found at Zwartelaantje 4, Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you want to set up your time to play, you can call +31 20 694 3650.

We also recommend De Waterlandse Golfclub, as it is a high-caliber course with a beautiful layout and extensive water traps. It just makes for a stellar place to play, with a vibe that tends toward sophistication. You can find it at Buikslotermeerdijk 141, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and you can call them at +31 20 636 1010.

A Night to Remember

Finally, you and the Amsterdam escorts must retreat to your hotel bedroom for the night of your life. These ravishing girls love nothing more than bringing all of your sexual fantasies to life so that you never forget your visit to Amsterdam. Take a look at the gallery to get an idea of just how much fun that means you are going to have; after only a few minutes in the gallery, we’re sure you’ll be reaching for the phone.

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