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What Does Bennebroek Have to Offer?

Those who have not toured Bennebroek with Amsterdam escorts often do not know exactly what it has to offer. They find themselves wondering where they should stay, what sites they must see before they leave town, and where they should go to get a good meal. Sure, you can get to town and start looking around, but how much time are you going to have for that? Wouldn’t you rather some idea of where you and the Amsterdam escorts can go before you get here? That’s where we come in; we can help you through every step in the process.

Exploring Your Options

What you get out of Bennebroek really depends on what you’re looking for. You’ll find that there are many options for things you can do and places you can visit. Some of it depends on the time that you have available; if you’re just here for a night, on business, you’re not going to be able to check out all of the great options, though you’ll have a much better chance if you extend your stay and hang around on holiday for a week. We know that everyone has different plans, so we’ve put together this guide that you can use to pick out the things that you want to do most.


The Vogelenzang-Bennebroek Railway Station

If you’re looking for historic sites, this is one that you and the Amsterdam escorts have to check out. While it is no longer in use, this railway station is one of the most photographed buildings in the area. It was constructed in 1842, and the building is in remarkable shape considering its age. It’s one of those buildings that you can take a picture of now and then compare to photos that are 100 years old, seeing how little it has changed. Trains were a huge part of the development in the area, and exploring a piece of the history from that time period is terrific.


This is another historic site that you and the Amsterdam escort should check out. It’s a beautiful estate, and the building itself is one of the best examples of architecture that you can find outside of the palace in Amsterdam’s Dam Square. It’s three stories tall, with a beautiful lawn in front of it, and it sits so close to the canal that you can see it from the water. The grounds are a natural park where you can walk and see the countryside. It’s a nice little mid-day trip. The estate is found right on the border between Bennebroek and Heemstede, and it can really give you an idea of how the wealthy once lived in the area. The address of the estate is Herenweg 5, 2105 MB, Heemstede, Netherlands.

Les Jumeaux

For French cuisine, there is no better place to turn than Les Jumeaux. This is a place where you are encouraged to slow down and really enjoy your meal. The food is terrific, but they are not going to rush to bring you each course. If you’re hurrying on to your next destination, you may want to choose something else; if you and the Amsterdam escorts want to relax with a bottle of wine, chatting and enjoying each other’s company, though, this is the restaurant for you. The head chef has picked up numerous awards in Europe, and you and the Amsterdam escorts are going to know exactly why as soon as you take your first bite. Make sure that you ask to see the extensive wine menu. You can find this restaurant at Bennebroekerlaan 19b, Bennebroek 2121, The Netherlands, and the phone number to call for reservations is 023-584 63 34.

Zen Restaurant and Lounge

Specializing in sashimi and sushi, this Asian restaurant is a specialty that the Amsterdam escorts will tell you is hard to find in the area. There are just not many stellar restaurants of this type in the Netherlands, but, luckily for you, Zen can offer everything that you want. The menu lets you pick out any dishes to make up the meal that you crave, choosing it piece by piece instead of selecting a four-course meal for you and the Amsterdam escort, something that is widely done at other restaurants. They have a full bar with all of the drink options you could ever desire, and they’ll get those drinks out to you quickly while you determine what to order. You and the Amsterdam escorts can find this place at Rijksstraatweg 51, 2121 AB, Bennebroek, The Netherlands. To make a reservation, just call 31 23 584 8732.

Finding the Right Girl

We have a lot of different women here at Fun Amsterdam Escorts. Some of the girls are college educated, and they’re up on all of the latest news and the trends. Some of them are world travelers, so they can tell you all about other countries and other cultures. Some of the Amsterdam escorts love sports and the outdoors, while others just want to sit in the back of the bar with you, smoking pot and doing shots. Finding the right girl is simply a matter of going to our gallery, finding a few girls that you can’t take your eyes off of, and then reading the bios until you find the one who fits best with you.

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