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Take Your Amsterdam Escort to Bovenkerk and Gouda for Fine Cheese and Much More!

Bovenkerk is a very small town in South Holland. Since it’s only about seven kilometers from Gouda, you and one of our lovely Amsterdam escorts will be able to find plenty to keep you busy during your time here. Whether you’re in the busier areas or decide to go out and see the countryside, we know you’ll enjoy all that this region has to offer.

Gouda (pronounced HOW-da) is well known for its cheese production. People all over the world are familiar with the yellow Dutch cheese, and love pairing it with crackers, fruit and other delicacies. Our Amsterdam escorts will likely love the chance to get out of the big city and indulge in some local specialties with you. It’s easy to catch a train from Amsterdam any time throughout the day, and plan for a relaxing jaunt in the country.

Obviously, you are looking forward to having a great time with your Amsterdam escort. You’ve likely heard that the Netherlands is a great place for all sorts of activities that you can’t necessarily take part in elsewhere in the world. Many business travelers and tourists alike take advantage of this change to fulfill their fantasies in a safe and exciting way. From Amsterdam escorts to the smoke shops to the late night partying, this is the adult playground you’ve been searching for.

Since you’re going to be in the South Holland area, we’ve put together a list of things you may want to see and so while you’re here. All of our Amsterdam escorts are educated and well rounded women who appreciate dates that take them to new and adventurous places. Whether you need a companion for a cocktail party, hope to be the envy of everyone who sees you on the dance floor or just want to do a little sightseeing, there’s no better companion than an Amsterdam escort. Once you know who your chosen lady will be, take a look at the list below to decide where you’d like to spend your days, evenings and nights.


Fine Food and Culture in and around Bovenkerk

As a part of South Holland, Bovenkerk and the nearby city of Gouda are part of the most populated places in the Netherlands. South Holland sits on the North Sea, and has The Hauge as its capital. The region has probably been inhabited since the sixth century B.C.E., with first hunter-gatherer and then agricultural societies. Today, it is home to the Dune and Bulb region, with its flower fields and relaxing beaches. Depending on the time of the year, you may enjoy warm, dry summers or snowy, cozy winters. Whenever you’re here, it’ll always be better with one of our Amsterdam escorts. Take a look at the list below to see what you can’t miss in Bovenkerk, Gouda and the surrounding area.

The Church of Saint John

Named for John the baptist, this is the longest church in the entire country. The centuries old windows feature lovely stained glass and the interior is bright and open. You and one of our Amsterdam escorts can take tours and listen to organ music, or pick up a souvenir in the gift shop. The Church of Saint John is a fabulous piece of history, and can be found at Achter de Kerk 16, Gouda, or reached at 0182-512684.

Spa Gouda

Perhaps you’d like to treat yourself and your Amsterdam escort to some pampering and relaxation. Spa Gouda resides in a refurbished building from the 1920s. Choose from the pool, salt sauna, steam room, water treatments or even a foot bath of fish that nibble the dead skin from your toes! Make an appointment for a refreshing and relaxing afternoon at Spa Gouda, and be ready for whatever awaits you that evening. Find the spa at Lange Groenendaal 79, Gouda or call (0182) 50 42 01.

Galerie Honingen

Since 1997, Galerie Honingen has been a great place to view contemporary realism created by both Dutch and International artists. The gallery itself is beautiful, and further enhanced by the amazing variety of artwork hung on the walls and elevated on pedestals. Our Amsterdam escorts appreciate fine art, and will love to spend an afternoon taking in these incredible pieces. Find Galerie Honingen at Hoge Gouwe 127, Gouda 2801 LE or learn more by calling +31 182 551 366.

Kamphuisen Eet & Drinklokaal

If you and one of our Amsterdam escorts are looking for a true Dutch experience when it comes to food and drink, check out this restaurant. With an inviting atmosphere, attentive service and great food, this is the place for locals and tourists alike. Its location within Gouda allows you to enjoy the city while you eat, especially if you are able to sit outdoors. Stop in to Hoge Gouwe 19, Gouda or call 0182 514163 to find out more!

Stadhuis (City Hall)

City Hall sits in the main square of the city, and is part of the famous market where you find Gouda cheese and other regional favorites. Built in 1450, it features Gothic architecture — it’s actually the oldest Gothic city hall in the country. During the summer, it is the backdrop for the cheese market, and during the Christmas season it’s the perfect place to view seasonal lights and festivities. Stadhuis is easy to find at Markt 1, Gouda.

Enjoy South Holland with An Amsterdam Escort

Take some time to look through our gallery to find the lady you’d like to take to Bovenkerk and Gouda, and decide which of the above attractions and restaurants you want to check out. All of our Amsterdam escorts are interesting and beautiful women who are ready to join you on whatever adventure you have planned. Let one of these gorgeous girls be your companion when you’re ready to experience the best of South Holland.