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A French Beauty, Christie Makes You Feel at Home in Amsterdam

Christie is that classic city girl, the cute girl next door, the one you just can\’t quite take your eyes off of. She’s funny, she smiles easily and you can often find her socializing out on the streets and enjoying the city. She thrives here. She grew up in Paris, so she’s very familiar with the city lifestyle, and it brings out the best in her. She’s full of life and she’ll make you feel like you’re 21 again – just like she is.

Maybe you’re on your way to the Netherlands and you know you’re going to feel a bit out of place. You don’t know anyone, but you don’t really want to take the time to try to meet people and hope it goes well. It’s just a lot of time and energy. You’re not staying for that long.

Christie is the perfect companion for your time here. Her energy and life will make your whole trip exciting. Her beauty will keep your eyes on her at all times, and that quick smile draws you in. Let her show you around the city. Let her show you what it’s like to feel at home and relaxed here. It will change your entire trip and the way that you think about Amsterdam forever.

Take Christie out for the day. We suggest you consider visiting some of the neighboring towns and villages from Amsterdam. Did you know that a Summer visit could include a day at the beach? Perhaps you may wish to see Christie in her bikini; don’t forget to help her with her suntan lotion! Maybe you’d like to experience a clothing optional beach? There is so much more for you to consider; from Museums to specialty restaurants, to coffee shops. Because keeping your options open will certainly expand your holiday!

Whatever Is on Your Schedule

The great thing about Christie is that she’s here for whatever you have on your schedule. Maybe you have work meetings during the day, but you want someone to dine with at a fancy restaurant after it wraps up. Maybe you want to go out for drinks. Maybe you want to explore the coffee shops and the other attractions. It’s more fun with two; it always is. From breakfast in the morning to that last drink of the night, you know you’ll have more fun when you’re with her, and she’s up for all of it.

Don’t let this be a trip to Amsterdam that leaves you wanting more. Let this flirtatious little city girl help you find some of the excitement you crave. Let Christie make your visit into one that you’ll be thinking about for the rest of your life.