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The Charming Town of Cruquius

Over the centuries, a major point of contention in the village of Cruquius has been how the engineers there could pump the water out of the lake. While the lake has not been drained, you and the Amsterdam escorts can still find a lot of great historic sites in the area that are connected to this project, such as the pumping station. The lake itself is also an excellent draw for tourists, and you can find a lot to do in the summer months. We hope that you’ll consider taking one of our Amsterdam escorts along as you explore the city, as these girls are the best tour guides in the entire country.

The Night of Your Life

Of course, most tour guides are simply going to leave you after the tour is over, and that is where our Amsterdam escorts stand apart, taking things to the next level. These sexy women – look at the gallery to find out just how hot they are – will come to your hotel, bed and breakfast, or whatever accommodation you’ve chosen, and they’re going to give you the best night you’ve ever had. People in the Netherlands enjoy a lot of freedom when it comes to love and pleasure. If you want to make things even more interesting, think about taking the Amsterdam escort to the coffee shops first, picking up some marijuana to smoke while you enjoy all of the physical pleasures that these girls can provide.

Before you get to that, though, you probably want to know about some of the local places that you should check out while you’re in town. Here at Fun Amsterdam Escorts, we’ve looked the area over and put together a list of some of our favorite spots. Enjoy!


Haarlem Lake

We would definitely recommend checking out Haarlemmermeer, which simply means Haarlem Lake; it is the lake that was the subject of the drainage scheme, which was such big news at the time that it was reported in papers in the United States. This was back in the mid 1700s. The lake is still there for water sports and fishing, and you can look at beautiful windmills on the banks. You and the Amsterdam escorts may also want to check out the old pumping station, a stunning brick building with rising turrets that make it look like a castle. For activities besides simply taking pictures, look into the horseback riding in the area, as it is one of the most popular things that you can do while you are in town.

Haarlemmermeersche Golfclub

If you love to golf and you want to take the Amsterdam escort out for a day on the course, this is the closest one to you – and one of the best courses in the city. It’s meticulously maintained, and every little detail is perfect. There are 18 holes, surrounded with wooded countryside, and they are the perfect balance between challenging and fun to play. As far as a date goes, this is one of the top places to take the Amsterdam escorts because the bar and restaurant in the clubhouse has a ton to offer as well. In fact, one of their most popular deals is a play/dinner combination, where you play all 18 holes and then get a three-course meal to enjoy at Restaurant De Drie Gemalen, and you get it all for €67,50. You can also choose to play just the front or back nine and then eat for only €42,50. The best way to contact them is simply to call 023 558 9000.

Pannenkoeken Paviljoen

This is a bright restaurant that celebrates the history of tulips in the Netherlands, which the Amsterdam escorts will be more than happy to tell you about if you are not familiar with the stories. The interior is decorated in brilliant pictures of these tulips, which can be grown in many different colors. The overall style is very modern after that, with black leather chairs, hanging lamps, a huge hanging stovepipe, and many other features. It is comfortable, but it also maintains that clean, sharp image that goes with modern design. As far as food is concerned, you’ll enjoy everything, from the fresh salads to the dessert table, and all in between. The drink menu is great, with draft beers, cocktails and wine. You will find this place at Kruisweg 1625, 2142 LC, Cruquius, Netherlands, and you can call them at +31 23 547 7123.

Theehuis Cruquius

This is a great place to stop in for a quick meal – they have indoor seating, but we do recommend the expansive, tree-covered patio – and a drink. The food is buffet style, so you and the Amsterdam escorts will not have to wait for your food, and you can pick out exactly what you desire. They also specialize in High Tea, coffee, and other warm drinks of this nature, which can be nice after a day spent seeing the town and the surrounding area. If you aren’t into the buffet idea, they do have a lunch menu with salads, burgers, fries and much more. You and the Amsterdam escorts can find it all at Cruquiusdijk 32, 2142 ER, Cruquius, Netherlands, and you can call them at +31 23 528 6946.

Call Fun Amsterdam Escorts Immediately

This is a small village, but there is so much to do here that you’re going to love your visit, especially if you have a sexy Amsterdam escort at your side. Please do not hesitate to call us to set it up! You can find pictures of the girls – along with their bios – in the gallery, and you can find our contact information on our main contact page. We hope to hear from you soon, either by phone or email.

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