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The Best Fine Dining Options in Holland

What’s better than a great meal at an incredible restaurant? Eating that meal with beautiful Amsterdam escorts, of course! Maybe you like a hearty steak that is tender and coated in the perfect amount of spices, or maybe you want fresh-caught fish and a side of sushi. Perhaps you’re looking for vegetarian options to share with the Amsterdam escorts, like grilled mushrooms, salads, and soups. No matter what you’re after, there is something in Amsterdam for you. Here at Fun Amsterdam Escorts, we believe in helping our clients in every possible way, and this guide is just one of the services that we provide.

Location, Location, Location

One of the key things to keep in mind while going through all of your options is the location of the restaurant. It really changes the atmosphere. For instance, out on the coast, there are a lot of restaurants with sprawling decks and patios where people can sit with a great view of the water or the sunset. In the middle of the city, restaurants often overlook the canals, and some are right near huge attractions, like the Dam Square; these ones give up the view to make things more convenient, and they tend to have more of a big-city vibe than something in a coastal town. Public transportation here is awesome, so you and the Amsterdam escort can get to any of these restaurants, no matter where you’re staying. With that outlook, check out these options for your date:


Vis aan de Schelde

If seafood is what you crave, you were right to assume that the Netherlands would give you some of the best in the world, as the escort Amsterdam girls will attest, and this restaurant is a prime example. Choose from fresh, exotic options such as monkfish, oysters, turbot, crayfish and much more. Everything is presented beautifully and the flavor is out of this world. You can get haddock with a side of greens, scallops that have been prepared with pasta, and many other combination dishes that will both satisfy your craving for seafood and fill you up. This is a pretty formal place, so make sure you dress up for the occasion, but it’s not overly stuffy, with more of a relaxed vibe. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find it at Scheldeplein 4, Amsterdam, and the phone number is +31 20 675 1583.

Restaurant Greetje

Maybe you and the Amsterdam escorts have been looking forward to trying out some real Dutch classics – you are in the Netherlands, after all – but you want to make sure they’re done well. If so, this place is your ticket. Most of the dishes are paired with potatoes, meat is certainly on the menu, and you can get an assortment of greens to go along with it. However, they take everything up a notch from the country cooking that you may be expecting, using nice little touches to refine the food and entertain your tastebuds. For example, if you and the Amsterdam escorts order a side of bread, they’re not going to give you butter. Instead, you’ll get goose fat that has tiny pieces of meat sprinkled throughout it, adding an incredible amount of flavor. You will find this restaurant at Peperstraat 23-25, Amsterdam, and you can call them at +31 20 779 7450.


French cooking may be common here, but how would you like to pair it with Mediterranean meals? That’s exactly the combination that this place gives to you and the Amsterdam escort, and you’ll love the result. Choose from lamb shanks, asparagus and potatoes, and even a strawberry soup. This is also a great place to go if you just want the light croissants of the Mediterranean and cup of strong Greek coffee. The crowd here does tend toward the young side, but the staff is kind and eager to please. You and the escort Amsterdam girls will find this place at Hugo de Grootplein 7, 9-11, Amsterdam, and you can call them at +31 20 486 8408.

District V

If you and the Amsterdam escorts are looking for a complete meal with three distinct courses, this is the place to get it. The inside can be a bit dark, with hanging chandeliers for light, and it makes a nice, romantic atmosphere. If you want something a bit more open, try the beautiful terrace. The food you get is going to be similar to what you’d find at a French bistro, and the three courses are pretty structured, with options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. While you and the Amsterdam escorts may not be able to change things up easily, the pairings they’ve selected are supreme. You can find it at Van der Helstplein 17, Amsterdam, and you can call them at +31 20 770 0884.

Restaurants and Hotels

Another thing that you should know before going out with Amsterdam escorts is that most hotels in town also have restaurants on the main floor. A lot of them have bars as well, or a combination of the two. Take Hotel Chariot, for example, which has a restaurant and an outdoor patio for eating and drinking. It’s located right by the airport, so it’s really convenient, and having all of your amenities and options in one building saves you the trouble of having to battle the crowds or waste time on public transportation. When you book your hotel, you may want to check to see if you and the Amsterdam escort would be happy just to eat there as well. If you’re interested in Hotel Chariot, you can find it at Oosteinderweg 243,
1432AT, Aalsmeer. The phone number is +31 (0) 297 388 100.

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