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Amsterdam Escorts Guide You to the Best Coffee Shops

You’re probably not coming to Amsterdam for long, so you can’t afford to waste time. This is true when you’re looking for coffee shops and when you’re trying to find a hot young woman to hook up with for the night. Fun Amsterdam Escorts has you covered on both counts. Our girls are just looking for a good time, and they’d love to spend the day showing you around the city and the night sharing your bed. The gallery will show you just how hot these girls are so that you don’t just have to take our word for it, and we guarantee that you’ll love hooking up with them much more than going to the bar and hoping for the best. With one of these ravishing Amsterdam escorts at your side, you’re night of adventure and fun is a sure thing!

These girls will not only keep you up all night long, though, but they’ll also take you to all of the prime coffee shops in town. Are you looking for a big place where you can find a lot of people who came in to visit the city, just like you did, or are you interested in a little place where the locals gather? Do you want great prices or a great selection? Are you looking for any extras, like a TV you can watch with the Amsterdam escorts, a pool table, or anything else? Just tell the girl exactly what you want, and she’ll help you find it. This city has everything, so it shouldn’t be hard at all.

To show you what we mean, we’d like to get you started right now, long before you meet your Amsterdam escort. These are some of the shops that we like the most, and you can check them out while you’re here for prime weed and a great time.


The Paradise

You’ll feel at home before you and the girl from the best escort service Amsterdam has to offer even set foot inside this place. The brick architecture on the front wall is terrific, with an attractive archway and tall glass windows. When you get inside, you’ll find that the whole place is pretty relaxed and low key, with a lot of people lounging around and enjoying each other’s company. The friendly staff will be more than happy to tell you and the Amsterdam escorts about the specials and deals that they run, such as the deal where you get 4 grams of weed of your choice when you buy just 3 grams. This makes your money go farther, which is never a bad thing, allowing you to try more varieties. The shop also has arcade games to pass the time. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find it at Spoorstraat 45, 1211 GA, Hilversum, and you can call them at +31 (0)35 6281992.


Yanks is a prime spot for two reasons: Size and location. It’s a huge place, with an outdoor patio, two stories, and an open floor plan. If you and the Amsterdam escorts have been going to all of the little shops around town, it’s going to feel massive and vastly different. The location is great because it’s not far at all – just a few blocks – from the shoreline. If you walk down to the water, there are tons of bars, fancy restaurants, hotels and other attractions. Two of the top styles that they sell are the Ice-O-Later and the Sticky Fingaz. They also have free Internet. You can check this shop out at Dorpsplein 2, 2042 JK, Zandvoort. The phone number is +31 (0)23 5719455.

The Black Sea

To some degree, the Black Sea is a lie: It’s nowhere near the water. Don’t let that stop you, though, as it is one of the best shops to hit up with an Amsterdam escort. For one thing, the tea and coffee are both given to you without any charge. For another, the staff is actually dedicated to helping you out and being friendly, which you won’t find everywhere. You and the girl from the top escort service Amsterdam has to offer may want to try some options like the Black Out Special 9, the Snow White 8, the Bubblegum, or the classic standby, White Widow. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find this shop at Stadsgravenstraat 8, 7511 ES, Enschede.

Moby Dick

This is the shop that you and the Amsterdam escorts have been searching for. There is a terrace, a smoking area designated for tobacco, and a friendly staff who will love it if they discover that you are from out of town, even though mostly locals go here. You and the Amsterdam escorts should consider trying the Santa Maria, the Nepal Hash, or the Maroc Polm, though they do have many other options. As you’d expect from the name, there is a nautical theme to the shop that you’re going to love. Overall, it’s a pretty chill place for you and the girl from the best escort service Amsterdam can provide, especially if you get a seat out on the terrace. You’ll find it at Emmaweg 4, 7551 BH, Hengelo. The phone number is +31 (0)74 2500270.

How to Contact Us

The best way to make sure that you have a good time here is to meet up with an Amsterdam escort as soon as you can, and then to take her to the shops listed above. The sexy girls are eager to go out with you, but they are in high demand. To talk to us, you can either call or send a message via email. Calling is the fastest way to talk to us instantly, but email may work better if you’re not very close to the Netherlands. The details for both are on the contact page. We hope to hear from you soon!

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