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Haarlem is your Guide to Hemp City

Ah, legal marijuana. Welcome to Hemp City, known officially as Haarlem. If you’re from a country where marijuana use is still illegal – or at least heavily regulated – you’re going to love what you find here. You can go out with beautiful Amsterdam escorts who will show you all of the best places to buy weed. Coffee shops in town sell marijuana and hash, and most of them, despite their names, do not even bother with coffee. This is a city that prides itself on allowing people to relax and enjoy themselves, and that is what has made it famous as the hemp capital.

Finding the Top Shops

Are you new to town and are you feeling a bit overwhelmed or nervous about the whole thing? Maybe you’re just not sure where to go for marijuana, how to buy it, where you can smoke it, or where you can find the premium options. Just take one of our sexy girls from Fun Amsterdam Escorts out on a date, and she’ll be more than happy to show you around. These Haarlem escorts have been to all of the best shops, so you just have to tell them what you want and they’ll help you find a shop that you love. For starters, consider some of these options:

Haarlem girl Lauren lays down on the floor fully nude.


If you are planning to walk along one of the canals, this is a good coffee shop to start with since it is only a few blocks from the water’s edge. You can easily get in, pick out the weed that you want, and take the Amsterdam escort out on the rest of your date. They even have a place in the back that caters to quick sales, and they offer pre-rolled options – something that a lot of shops don’t do – to make it faster for you. If you want to stick around, though, it’s a pretty cozy shop with a lot of locals. The prices are pretty good, running around six euros for a gram, and they also give you free Internet access if you have your laptop, tablet or smartphone along. You can find this shop at Schoterweg 19, 2021 HZ, Haarlem, and their phone number is +31 (0)23 5253822.


Liberty is a nice little corner store with a blue sign out front and a space where people often park their bikes or their mopeds. They also offer pre-rolled options, and that menu is up at the front. They have a second menu that gets passed around the floor for their other options, or you can ask at the counter. The quality of the amnesia and the white widow is very good, and the prices are fair. The only downside to this shop is that it is on the outskirts, so it’s a ways away if you and the Amsterdam escorts are right downtown; if you’re staying outside of the city, though, that location turns into a huge plus because you can get there faster, without fighting the crowds. You will find this place at Rijksstraatweg 198, 2022 DH, Haarlem, and you can call them at +31 (0)23 5392527.

High Times

In many ways, High Times is a shop that seems like it would blend in. You can buy White Widow and other strains that are not hard to find anywhere. The prices are not too high or too low. It’s comfortable inside, so you and the Amsterdam escorts may enjoy hanging around, but it’s not that big or exceptional. However, it is still one that should be at the top of everyone’s list for one reason: The party bags. This is something that most shops don’t offer, but High Times puts them out every Friday. If you get there early, they sell bags for 25 euros that give you all for the pot you’re going to need. It’s fast, easy, and it gives you a steal of a deal. Yes, you and the Amsterdam escorts must be early to get them since they sell out so fast, but, if you do, this could be your favorite shop of all time. You can find it at Lange Veerstraat 47, 2011 DA, Haarlem, and the phone number is +31 (0)23 5400798.

Easy Going

Maybe you’re just looking to spend some time with the Amsterdam escort, having fun and getting to know her. After all, won’t that time help you enjoy each other’s company all the more so that the sex you have later – maybe while smoking weed – can be the best of your life? If so, why not try Easy Going? It’s a place meant for relaxing and hanging out, with video games, foosball tables, and comfortable seating. In fact, they took their seats from trains, installing the benches in the shop and making it unique. On top of that, the staff will be very friendly to you and the Amsterdam escorts, offering advice about what to buy if you need it. Many people say that the White Widow is a good bang for your buck, but you can also consider things like Amnesia Haze, which comes with the high price of 10 euros for just a gram, but it’s worth every cent. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find this shop at Barrevoetestraat 23, 2011 WN, Haarlem, or you can call them at +31 (0)23 5322161.

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Never before has Amsterdam been so inviting and easy to access. The laws are set up for your convenience, and these girls can help you navigate the town. After a day of smoking pot, walking along the canals, eating at prime restaurants and enjoying the city, the Amsterdam escort will be thrilled to come back to your hotel room and crawl into bed with you. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin helping you plan out your visit to Hemp City. Please go to our contact page or our gallery to learn more.

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