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Haarlemmermeer: A Region That Really Does Have It All

There is so much to love about Haarlemmermeer that it’s really hard to know where to begin when you’re planning out your trip. You may want to start with the fact that the main airport – Schiphol – is located in the heart of it, giving you easy access to the country; if you’re flying in, that’s likely to be where you start. In fact, if you want to meet up with the hot girls from Fun Amsterdam Escorts, it’s possible to set things up so that you just meet at the airport. From there, you can travel on to many of the hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and other attractions in the area. It’s not far to Amsterdam itself, though there is so much for you and the Amsterdam escorts to do right in Haarlemmermeer that you may never need to go there.

At Fun Amsterdam Escorts, we help you plan the trip from one end to the other. We want to help you meet these sexy girls for a great experience, but we also know that you just have to plan out all of the mundane details, and we’d like to help so that you can more quickly get on to what really interests you – going on a date and spending the night with one of the most beautiful women in the country.

Haarlemmermeer woman lays down on Bed Naked.

Courtyard by Marriott, Amsterdam Airport

First, let’s start out with one of the top hotels around. The proximity to the airport is incredible, with a shuttle running back and forth, so this is the single best way for you and the Amsterdam escort to leave the airport and get to your accommodations. The hotel itself is new and modern, not like the older hotels in the city, so you get all of the modern touches that you want – huge plate glass windows, open floor plans, wifi Internet access, central air, and things of this nature. There is also a terrific restaurant where you can eat all of your meals, a classy bar where you can sip bourbon on the rocks in style, an exercise room to stay in shape, and even a reading room where you can relax. This hotel truly has it all. You can find it at Bosweg 15, 2131 LX, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and the phone number to make a reservation is +31 23 556 9000. You can also make online reservations.

Cafe de Eersteling

If you don’t want to spend all of your time in the hotel bar, this is an incredible location to check out with the Amsterdam escorts, and it’s not even that far from your hotel. Unlike many of the small bars in the area, this one has a huge, open floor plan. There is a top floor where people often gather to drink and talk, and then there is a short flight of stairs leading to a lower floor – though it’s all beautifully connected in one room – where they have a long wooden bar, pool tables and plenty of seating. There is also a poker table. You and the Amsterdam escorts can shoot some pool and have fun or just relax with your drinks, as you choose. Prices are about average, but the selection, especially for hard alcohol, is very good. You’ll find this bar at Bernadottestraat 163, 2131SV, Hoofddorp, and the phone number is 023-561-2244.

Restaurant Vrienden van Marktzicht

Of course, you want to take the Amsterdam escorts out for a great meal, and there are few places better to do it than this one. The place is definitely modern, but with a comfortable vibe – the walls are painted with bright, vibrant colors, for example, and the padded chairs are very accommodating, even when staying for a long meal. The whole place was just renovated, and they’ll be happy to show you pictures of the process, so everything is very new and well-designed. They offer three-course meals, separate lunch and dinner menus, a children’s menu, and more. Though there are many great options for you and the Amsterdam escort, we most recommend the Surf & Turf, which you can get for 21.50. You’ll find this restaurant at Marktplein 31, 2132 DA, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and the phone number there is +31 23 576 7107.

Restaurant Long Island

The Amsterdam escorts really love Long Island because the restaurant is located right on Toolenburg Lake, so the views from the outdoor eating area are unmatched. The patio is very comfortable, with plenty of space and wicker chairs. If the weather does not cooperate, you can also sit inside, where they have bright white walls, metal counters, and vaulted ceilings. It gives the place an open, sort of industrial vibe that is very cool. They do Afternoon Tea if you’re interested, and the dinner and drink menus are extensive. Choose from options like fresh-caught fish, garden salads, steak, and much more. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find this place at IJweg 1270, 2133 MJ, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and their phone number is +31 23 888 1868.

Quick Food Options

Maybe you and the Amsterdam escorts don’t want a three-course meal that takes hours to eat and is an experience in and of itself. Maybe you’re looking for something a bit faster so that you can head to the coffee shops or the bars. This area has a number of fast options, including Snackbar-restaurant ‘t Kombuis, Burger King, Bar Bistro Joseph, Happy Snack, and more! There is plenty of fine dining when you want to make a great impression, but you can also get food right away when that is what’s most important. On top of that, the hotels usually offer excellent room service.

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We hope that helps to put your trip in perspective and that it gives you some ideas, but believe us when we say that this area is huge, encompassing many other popular regions, like Hoofddorp. The best tactic to find your way around is to meet up with an Amsterdam escort who can be your guide to the Netherlands!