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Our Amsterdam Escorts Love to Visit Heemstede!

Scores of visitors arrive in Amsterdam every year to experience the historical sights, attend conferences and seek out business opportunities. Not all of these visitors are savvy enough to book an Amsterdam escort to help them truly experience the wonder of the city. Both Amsterdam and Heemstede are fantastic locations! Heemstede, a bedroom community for Amsterdam, offers all the convenience of the city while giving you a bit more privacy with your sexy Amsterdam escort. You may have seen the attractions of Amsterdam, but you have never been more attracted to our sexy escort Amsterdam girls! Spice up your stay with a few days with one of our desirable ladies, and you will truly see what you have been missing.

Tara relaxin topless in heemstede.

The Most Luxurious Hotels in Heemstede

You have discriminating, demanding tastes, and you will not settle for anything less than the best in both your Amsterdam escort and your Heemstede lodging experience. The Van Der Valk Hotel Houten — Utrecht (Hoofdveste 25, 3992 DH Houten, Netherlands, +31 30 634 6800) is the place for you! This incredible hotel features a variety of amenities that you demand, though it also comes along with some that might surprise you! Luxury is standard here, with each of the rooms featuring a jacuzzi and rainshower for your sexy evening with your Amsterdam escort. Frequent visitors to Europe will understand the value of a whirlpool tub in a vacation rental — they are certainly few and far between. Start your journey by checking out the Royal Suite option, which offers views from the top two floors on the building. The Almost Heaven Suite resembles a honeymoon accommodation; relish the posh, over-the-top decorations that include a heart-shaped whirlpool and two-person shower. We probably do not need to tell you what you could do with your Amsterdam escort in such a fantasy environment! Kick back with some complimentary sparkling wine and let your Amsterdam escort take away your cares and worries.

Keep in mind that Heemstede is a modest suburb of Amsterdam, so few hotels are actually located within its borders. Most Heemstede residents are commuters into the big city, so lodging options may be scarce there. Instead, we turn to nearby communities of both Utrecht and Haarlem, which offer classy, affordable accommodations for those traveling for both business and pleasure. We recommend the Ibis Utrecht (Bizetlaan 1, 3533 KC Utrecht, Netherlands, +31 30 291 0366) for those who are seeking modest prices and luxury treatment in the Heemstede area. This bright, tidy hotel includes fine wooden finishes and plush beds for your enjoyment — and that of your Amsterdam escort. Although not as spacious as the Van Der Valk, the Ibis is just as relaxing! You and your escort can break in the bed with a bit of hanky panky before strolling into the room’s ample shower, which features more than enough room for two and a clear window if you just want to watch. Keep your hunger and thirst in check by visiting the hotel’s fine bar and restaurant on the bottom floor! You can still experience luxury on a budget in Heemstede.

Your Escort Is the Perfect Companion for Any Situation

Were you aware that Heemstede is known for its incredible chocolates? We recommend that all visitors stop by the romantic and exquisite Chocolaterie Van Dam (Raadhuisstraat 60, 2101 HJ Heemstede, Netherlands, +31 23 547 8877). You can treat your sweet escort Amsterdam girl to some fine chocolate treats at this high-end candy shop, where all of the products are hand-dipped and created in a studio that is visible to the visitors in the store. It is not hard to believe that this local treasure has been named the “Cutest Shop in the Netherlands,” according to travel experts! Indulge your sweet tooth and your desire for steamy romance all in the same breath when you purchase delightful chocolates to share with your hot escort Amsterdam girl.

Your hot Amsterdam escort would love to follow you anywhere in Heemstede, Utrecht or Amsterdam. If you want to check out the local sights via bicycle and head out for a romantic picnic before retiring for an afternoon of pleasure, she will be interested. Daytime activities are not always mentioned in our travel guides, but visitors to Heemstede will not want to miss Blitz Wellness (Raadhuisstraat 19, 2101 HC Heemstede, Netherlands, +31 23 528 0555). This high-end spa is located directly in the center of Heemstede. It offers an unusual relaxation treatment that is known as “floating,” which involves suspending the client in a therapeutic mineral bath without any sensory stimulation. Clients enjoy a darkened room with little to no sound, all while floating in a warm, comforting bath. Get started on your stress-free vacation by enjoying some spa services with your Amsterdam escort. Then, prepare to launch into an evening of bliss by visiting some of the hottest spots in Amsterdam proper!

For those who would rather step into the racy night life of Amsterdam, a wide selection of lascivious options are available. Consider the fact that Heemstede is just minutes away from Amsterdam’s Red Light District, where women literally are lined up in red-hued booths, waiting for you to select them for a sexual encounter. Perhaps your Amsterdam escort will want to invite someone else to join you during your romp through the city? Two hands will never be enough for that situation. Stop by some of the city’s decadent marijuana cafes — known as “coffee shops” — before moving on to the Bananenbar, one of the city’s oldest sex clubs (Oudezijds Achterburgwal 37, 1012 DA Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 20 627 8954). Live sex shows are available in the main facility, and a new strip club is now offering milder entertainment for those who want to keep their night going!

Our selection of incredible women only gets better every time you check our website. Why wait? Contact us today to reserve your appointment with a hot Amsterdam escort, and really experience all that Heemstede has to offer.

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