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The Top Attractions for an Awesome Date in Hillegom

Hillegom is a beautiful little of town, right on the edge of the water, with great views, nice walking trails and a historic district. The abbey from which the town gets its name was actually called Hijlighem, but it is long gone, and the city remains, carrying on this variation of the name. The canals are very important to most people who live here, so going on a tour by boat is one way that you and the Amsterdam escorts can connect with the local culture, if that is your goal. However, there is much more to this area than just the water alone. Here at Fun Amsterdam Escorts, we’d like to give you the inside scoop so that you know just what you should do in town.

Tara laying On Her Stomach In Hillegom

Den Hartogh Ford Museum

If you thought that the only Ford Museum in the world was in Detroit, you’ll be glad to know that there’s actually one right here in the Netherlands. If you want, they put up a virtual tour on their website, but it’s really nothing like seeing the place in person, with the Amsterdam escort. All of these sleek old cars are perfectly maintained, and you can see the progression as they move from one model to the next. Check out one of the first Model T options, with a bed with sides like a wooden cart, or take a look at newer models like the entire lineup of Mustangs. If you love cars, you’re going to want to spend the whole day in this place. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find it at Haarlemmerstraat 36, Hillegom, The Netherlands.

The Tulip Parade

While you’re thinking about it, it’s worth noting that the Tulip Parade goes through near this museum. It’s a huge festival. While the tulip craze is long over, that is still a huge part of the cultural heritage in this area. If you’re traveling across the country, you can see giant fields planted in many various colors of tulips. It almost looks unreal, especially if you and the Amsterdam escorts can see it from the air. The parade starts in Noordwijk and it goes all the way to Haarlem, a distance of more than 40 kilometers. It is on the 3rd of May. If you still have some flexibility regarding when you come, this is a great thing to see with the Amsterdam escorts.

Puntje Puntje

This is either a bar or a club, depending on who you ask, but it amounts to the same thing. It’s a great place to spend some time with an Amsterdam escort, drinking cocktails, beers, mixed drinks, wine and anything else you want. The bar up front has many options on tap, and there are huge glass mugs hanging over it in the traditional style. Groups tend to congregate here, but that actually makes things easier for you – you and the Amsterdam escorts should have no trouble finding a table for two. If you want to try the local beer, ask the bartender for suggestions coming from the on-tap options. You can find this place at Molenstraat 1, Hillegom, 2181 JA, The Netherlands, and you can call them at 0252 529 887.

BBQ restaurant Hillegom

Does it get better than some good, honest BBQ? This isn’t something that is all too common in the Netherlands, so this is a great place to go with the Amsterdam escorts if you want a break from the traditional local food. The meat is perfectly cooked, no matter what type you choose – pork or chicken, for example – and they’ll bring a cup of BBQ sauce to put on the table, ensuring that you always have enough. You can also pick up some bread and garlic butter, which is the perfect side to a meal like this. The staff is friendly and helpful, and service tends to be very quick. If you can’t get enough of that smoked flavor and you want to eat your fill – it’s an All You Can Eat joint, after all – this is the place to be. You’ll find it at Hoofdstraat168, Hillegom, The Netherlands. The phone number is 0252-528471

Het Alternatief

This place is stunning. The red brick building is gorgeous, and the interior is perfectly maintained. You and the Amsterdam escorts can also eat out on the terrace if you want more space and a nice view. Eating at a historic building like this really helps you see the history of the town; they even have a fireplace with a circular design, which is not something that you see everyday. The food is very good, and they have a bar as well. You can eat lunch for right around 14 euros. Options include a three-course meal, a four-course meal, a three-course wine pairing, or a four-course wine pairing. You will find this restaurant at Hoofdstraat 29, Hillegom, 2181, The Netherlands, and the phone number is (0252) 688 668.

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