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Enjoy Every Second that You Spend in Hoofddorp

The thing that you need to know about Hoofddorp is this: It is a bit outside of the urban center. People often think that they can travel into Haarlem in just minutes, as you can from other parts of town, but the reality is that it’s going to take you a bit longer than that, using the buses or the trains. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that only Haarlem has anything fun and exciting to offer. The reality is that Hoofddorp can be great as well, as long as you know where to look. Here at Fun Amsterdam Escorts, we want to make sure that you know about all of your various options so that you can have a great time. Below are some of the highlights of the area.

Tara laying On Her Stomach Showing Her Bare Butt in Hoofddorp

Super Fly

This coffee shop gives you everything that Haarlem could ever offer, and then some. The selection that they have is always incredible since they do not get nearly as much traffic as shops in the city, so you and the Amsterdam escorts will really be able to pick out what you want. They also make it easy to relax if you want to hang around and smoke, with couches that you and the Amsterdam escorts can sit on, plenty of open space, music playing on the radio, and much more. Don’t waste your time going all the way into town when you can get weed or hash much more quickly in Hoofddorp itself. Look for the bright paintings on the wall over the garage door, and you’ll know you’ve found it. The shop’s address is Kruisweg 1043, 2131 CS, Hoofddorp, and the phone number for the place is +31 (0)23 5556945.

De Eersteling B.V.

This bar is awesome. It has a two-level design, with the upper floor designed for those who want to sit at the bar and drink, and they can hook you and the Amsterdam escort up with beer, cocktails and anything that you’d like. Just a short flight of stairs takes you to the lower level, where there are pool tables and a second bar. Grab a fresh brew and rack up the balls for a quick game, or lounge at the bar and watch as other people play. Either way, this is a spacious bar with a lot of great finishing touches, from the hanging light fixtures to the flawless wood trim, that gives it a great atmosphere. For food, they specialize in delicious BBQ. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find it at Bernadottestraat 163, 2131 SV, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and you can call them at +31 23 561 2244.

Podium Duycker

Want to drink and watch a live band rock out on the stage? This is the place to be. They bring in bands like The Bouncers & Da Stokers, Echte Hiphop, and cover bands with acts like The Prodigy. On some nights, they also do karaoke. Make sure that you check the schedule before going there with the Amsterdam escorts so that you know what to expect. You can find this place at Raadhuisplein 5, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and you can call them at +31 23 562 3310.

Eetcafe “De Wissel”

You and the Amsterdam escorts should definitely hit this place up if you want great food in a classy atmosphere. The brick walls, red leather seats, and industrial lighting make it modern and inviting at once. They have cold beer and they specialize in burgers, fries, soups and other traditional pub fare, but it’s all done so well that it may be the best meal you have in town. You and the Amsterdam escort will find it at Arnolduspark 3, 2132 CR, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 23 563 0334.

Het Oude Raadhuis

Maybe you want to impress the Amsterdam escorts with your appreciation of culture and art; if so, why not take a quick trip to this art gallery? It’s not a large place, but the exhibits that they have are perfectly laid out, with a nice amount of variety. The gallery itself is in a building with a lot of historic charm, making it the perfect place to really get a sense of Dutch culture. They are usually open from eleven in the morning until six at night, so it’s a good place to go before hitting the bars or getting a meal. You can find it at Hoofdweg 675, 2131 BC, Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and their phone number is +31 23 564 2767.

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The best way to get in touch is to go to the contact page on this site. You can call us or email us at any time. We always try to get back to people within 24 hours, and we’re here for you every step of the way. Want to learn more about the town? Want to see more pictures of these incredible girls? Interested in learning what the Netherlands is like and what you have to do while you’re here? We can help with all of this and more. To set things up for the night of your life with an Amsterdam escort, call now!