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A Time to Remember In Hoorn with a Fun Amsterdam Escort

Whether you are visiting the Amsterdam area for a business meeting or passing through as part of your European exploration, with a sexy Amsterdam escort by your side, this will be the best trip of your life. Our Fun Amsterdam Escorts are drop dead gorgeous and know exactly how to please you. Browse through the gallery of girls. Take your time, check out their bios and think about which girl you’d love to see and touch in real life. What you see is what you get with our escorts and in person they are even better. We’ve compiled a short list of what to see and do in Hoorn so you only need to think about what you’d like to see and do to the incredible lady of your choosing.

Tara kneeling On Couch In Hoorn

Historic Hoorn with your Amsterdam Escort

Hoorn is a beautiful and quaint waterside town offering visitors a piece of living history. During the Golden Age, Hoorn was a base for the Dutch East India Company, often considered the first multi-national trading company. The prosperous nature of the region is highly noted in the architecture and buildings of the historic old town. You and your incredible Amsterdam Escort will discover Hoorn is well known for its historical landmarks and museums, its culture and unique shopping boutiques. The town center is located right next to the train station which offers direct connections from Amsterdam. Hoorn is a lot closer than you think!

Locked Up in Oostereiland

Oostereiland, formerly a prison island, has been completely renovated and a must-do on your list of places to visit. On the island you can find the actual prison has been transformed into a hotel. Remodeling of the jail-cells into hotel rooms make it possible for you and your Amsterdam Escort to stay locked up for the night if you plan on being very bad. Don’t worry, you get the key so you can enter and exit as you please.

On the island you’ll also find the beautiful Krententuin gardens, a great Brasserie to stop for a bite to eat, the Oostereiland cinema, the 20th Century Museum and the Water Taxi tours which offer a guided look at the harbour of Hoorn. Make sure you experience the unique island life this place has to offer.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

The old quarter is lined with a fine collection of old buildings and houses. Everywhere you turn there is a historical marker and a glimpse into the past. If architecture or history are what most appeal to you be sure to stop by and see a few of these gems.

Munnickenveld Street

One of our favorite and most interesting streets in Hoorn is Munnickenveld. Munnickenveld 2, is the oldest surviving house in town. Renovated in 1945 after a detrimental fire, it originally dates all the way back to 1593.


This row of restored merchants’ houses are something to stop and marvel at. You’ll notice their fine wood carved pillars and incredible stone work. Look for the house which features a façade of a black and white cow, it was once the home of navigator Willem Bontekoe (bonte means black and white and koe means cow) in the early 1600s.

De Roode Steen

The oldest square in town is De Roode Steen or the Red Stone. The stone received its name for being a place of execution and capital punishment in front of what used to be city hall. In the 14th century you could find the Inn and three houses located in this very spot.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

We know you will be working up an appetite with your sexy Amsterdam Escort. With its picturesque landscape, Hoorn has a selection of places to choose from when looking for something to eat or grab a drink and relax. These are just a few of our suggestions.

Brasserie Bontekoe

Located between the harbor and the old town you will find the Brasserie Bontekoe. On a nice day the terrace is a perfect place to enjoy the weather and a little bit of people watching. The second floor of the restaurant can be reserved for private parties. You and your sexy lady will be impressed by their incredible wine selection. Feeling a bit more carefree than usual? If you are up for it they also offer a four-course surprise menu. The Brasserie Bontekoe is located at Nieuwendam 1, 1621 AP Hoorn, Netherlands and their phone is +31 229 217 324. They are closed on Mondays. Call ahead for a reservation.

Zuiderzee Coffee Shop

Until recently Hoorn was a coffee shop free town and then Zuiderzee came in a changed the scene. Zuiderzee does everything right and the locals love it here. With great quality hash and a good menu to choose from customers can stop in for quick counter service or enjoy the old wooden bar ambiance and stay for a while. The Fun Amsterdam Escorts are always up for a good time whatever your taste for partying may be. Break the ice, have a joint and enjoy the moment. Zuiderzee can be found at Dubbele Buurt 24, 1621 JW Hoorn and their phone number is +31 229 277 512, but there is no need to call ahead here.

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This trip to the Amsterdam area will be one to remember. Take a look at our sexy Amsterdam Escorts and decide which girl you’d like to take out for a spin. If it just becomes too hard for you to choose, give us a call and we can find the perfect match for you. Don’t wait too long; their books fill up fast!