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Laid Back Beach Town of Katwijk

Nestled on the North Sea, Katwijk is one of the biggest towns in the “Dune and Bulb Region” of The Netherlands. Bring one of our Amsterdam escorts here, it’s unlike other towns and cities in The Netherlands! Katwijk has beautiful, un-commercialized white sand beaches, great dining options, unique lodging sites, and great local attractions. So take a nice weekend escape with your Amsterdam escort to the quiet town of Katwijk.


Going to the beach in Katwijk is the perfect way to spend the day, regardless of what season of the year it is. When it’s warm in the summer months put on your bathing suit and bring your Amsterdam escort to lay on the beach, play games in the sand, and take a dip in the North Sea. In the colder months try bundling up and taking a walk in the white sand. Take a second to see the sluices that regulate the water levels and the outlet where the Rhine flows into the sea. Whether you’re looking for a private, quiet walk or a fun afternoon with locals the beaches are the way to go.

While you’re at the beach go to one of the many pavilions. This unique set up means that you won’t run into any touristy commercial hotels or restaurants along the seashore, but instead you’ll be surrounded by authentic coastal businesses and people. One of the many options along the three mile strip of beach is Strandpaviljoen D(e)ining 19. This restaurant features an international menu and take away ice cream cones. So if you and your Amsterdam escort are looking for a snack along the water or want to cool down with some ice cream then stopping here is the perfect idea. Sit out on the terrace or indoors to enjoy a good meal and a lovely atmosphere before heading back to the beach. If you need information call 071-4019998 or visit the restaurant at Boulevard 19 2225 AA KATWIJK ZH.

Sophie on her bed in Katwijk kneeling nude.


Despite the small size of the town, Katwijk is rich in history and has several highly acclaimed museums. The primary museum in the town is the Katwijk Museum, so be sure to take one of our Amsterdam escorts with you when you visit to make the tour more fun. Located at the center of the town, this museum is housed in an old fishing villa. Try a free guided tour of the Dutch art, local artifacts, and fishing exhibitions. The museum has recently been extended to accommodate temporary exhibits which allows visitors to experience historical artifacts as well as contemporary art. The Museum is located at Voorstraat 46 225 ER Katwijk Netherlands. Call +31 (0) 714013047 to get information about operating hours and exhibits.

From there head over to the Narrow Gauge Museum. This is Katwijk’s railroad museum and it’s the perfect spot for a fun date with your Amsterdam escort! You won’t just walk around a stuffy museum looking at old broken parts, you’ll actually get to hop on the train, open windowed, and catch fresh air. The best part of the ride is when you circle around the Valkenberg Lake. With a beautiful companion on a fun adventure in a gorgeous setting you will definitely have a good time. To get there go to Nationaal Smalspoormuseum J Pellenbargweg 1 2235 SP VALKENBURG ZH. For information about tickets and times call 071 572 4275.


For a uniquely Dutch dining experience try visiting Restaurant Taveerne at Elsgeesterweg 8  2231 NW Rijnsburg. This restaurant was converted from a cow shed into what it is today back in the 1970s. The walls and ceiling are all original, giving Taveerne a rustic and authentic feel. For information about the hours of operation or menu call 071-4026051. Their free wifi ad international cuisine is the perfect place for travelers, including you and one of our Amsterdam escorts!


Deciding where to stay while in Katwijk may be the hardest decision to make. The town offers accommodations like beach houses, apartment rentals, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and campsites. If you’re coming to Katwijk with a fun Amsterdam escort between April and October then a Kust beach rental is the best option. The two of you can wake up each morning and walk out the door directly to the sea. Kust is located at Boulevard 3 2225 HD Katwijk ZH, just call 06 83563942 to make a reservation.

During the colder months try a bed and breakfast like Het Anker. It’s across from the beach and only a few minutes away from the center of town. Coming here during colder months is perfect because the indoor facilities are great for returning from a walk or bike ride and it’s close to several of the best bars and restaurants. It’s address, Het Anker Boulevard 129 2225 HC KatwijK ZH, is easy to get to using public transportation making the trip simple. Call them at 071 401 3890 to get more details or to make a reservation!

A Night Out

Start your night off by going to Café Stairs at Badstraat 36 2225 BM Katwijk. Café Stairs is filled with fun crowds any night of the week and is perfect for a night on the town with an outgoing Amsterdam escort. Coming here is always an adventure because they have a packed agenda for themed nights! Give them a call at 071-4075599 to see what theme is going on.

Having Fun in Katwijk Is Easy

Fun Amsterdam Escorts is known to have the best companions for your time in The Netherlands. Visit Katwijk and enjoy the beach, great restaurants, and enjoy the Dutch culture with an Amsterdam escort.

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