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Impress the Mature Escorts with Your Fine Taste

If you’re looking for a date with some of our older, more experienced Amsterdam escorts, you need to know how to impress them and show them what fine taste you have. Whether you are going to be in the heart of the city or out by the coast, there are plenty of different options for you to pick from. Nothing shows these women your class and sophistication like bringing them to the restaurants that set the bar for luxury here in the Netherlands. It’s a sure way to make the night a success, and it could result in one of the best nights of your life once the two of you go back to your hotel and crawl into bed.

A Day on the Town

Before you and the Amsterdam escorts head to the restaurants, maybe you want to spend a day on the town, exploring this great city and learning more about the people who live here. Start by going to the canals and taking a boat tour. Not only does it give you a chance to spend some time with the Amsterdam escorts, but it is one of the things that you can do in the Netherlands that you really can’t do anywhere else, so you’ll feel like you know the city that much better. Next, head to the Dam Square to check out the Royal Palace, a grand building that is a beautiful example of the height of local architecture. Take a bit of time to wander around the shops and stores with the Amsterdam escort, enjoying the bustle of city life. Finally, consider going to the local museums to check out paintings by world-famous artists like Van Gogh and Rembrandt. After a day of culture and exploration, go to one of these restaurants that we highly recommend here at Fun Amsterdam Escorts.

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De Kas

This is the place to start with the mature escorts. It’s a huge building made almost entirely of glass, a far cry from the historic brick architecture that covers most of the city. It really makes for a unique dining experience with plenty of natural light, great views and excellent food on top of everything else. Part of the beauty of the place is that you and the Amsterdam escorts know that the food that you’re eating is as fresh as it gets. While you eat on one end of the building, the other end has actually been turned into a real, functional greenhouse where they have rows of well-maintained fruits and vegetables. Everything that you see growing is then harvested and used in their great dishes. You can find this restaurant at Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, Amsterdam, and the phone number for the place is +31 20 462 4562.


You and the Amsterdam escorts will find that Beddington’s has a much more historic style, which you’ve probably come to expect in the city. With elegant light fixtures and pristine wallpaper, you almost feel like you’re eating in a mansion owned by a wealthy landowner from years gone by. If you think that it has a British vibe, you’re not wrong, as the chef came over from England to start the place. Before that, though, she spent a long time in Japan. The food is a fusion of these two styles and Dutch cooking, so you’re not likely to find the same thing anywhere else. For example, you can get tuna steak, but it is coated with an excellent horseradish sauce. This restaurant is found at Utrechtsedwarsstraat 141, Amsterdam, and the phone number that you or the Amsterdam escort should call to make a reservation is +31 20 620 7393.

La Oliva

The basic concept that you and the mature escorts will find at this restaurant is not very complex. They take mouth-watering tapas dishes and pair them with the perfect vintages of wine from all around the world. While that seems simple enough, using tapas means that they have an insane amount of options and variations. You never have to get the same thing twice – though the meals are so good that you might be tempted to do that, anyway! You and the Amsterdam escorts will find the interior to be modern and bright, though not overly spacious. They are very influenced by Spanish cooking – and the Basque style in particular – and it makes its way into the main dishes, the starters, and even the wine selection. This place is perfect, no matter how much you want to eat, as you can cater your order to your cravings. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find it at Egelantiersstraat 122-4, Amsterdam, and the phone number there is +31 20 320 4316.

Coffee Shops, Bars and More

Don’t think that the only thing you can do with the Amsterdam escorts is going out to dinner or checking out the cultural centers in the city. There are also plenty of bars, breweries, clubs and coffee shops in town. We strongly recommend going to shops like Cobra, The Zoo and Upstairs, all of which have their own quirks and upsides. You’ll find something to love at each one, whether it’s an incredible selection of weed, great prices, an excellent location, or lots of extras and amenities. You and the Amsterdam escort will never be wanting for things to do while you’re here.

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