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Nieuw Vennep

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Top 5 Things to do in Nieuw Vennep

If you’re looking for a fun time with your Amsterdam escort then look to the town of Nieuw Vennep. Nestled just 10 kilometres southwest of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is the heart of the famous Dutch flower industry. This town is easy to get to by car, sprinter train, or bus and makes for an ideal weekend getaway with one of Fun Amsterdam Escort’s ladies. With one of our Amsterdam escorts you can experience more than just tulips in Nieuw-Vennep! You can visit quirky restaurants, chic night clubs, relaxing canal boat rides, and of course see the famous Dutch tulip fields.

1: Stay at De Rustende Jager Hotel

De Rustende Jager Hotel is in the perfect location. It’s just a short walk from the train station and across the canal from great shops and restaurants. It has a four out of five star ranking and even comes up at “good for couples” so you know it’s the right place for your Amsterdam escort. This quiet location has an in-house bar and restaurant, free parking, and a fantastic breakfast. There is even a shuttle service to the Keukenhof gardens! To find out more or to book your stay call 800-568-8520. The hotel is conveniently located at Venneperweg 471, Nieuw-Vennep 2153 AD, The Netherlands.

Natasha laying on bed in Nieuw Vennep holding her breasts.

2: Eat at De Oude Molen Restaurant

De Oude Molen, located at Madeliefstraat 1, Nieuw-Vennep 2153 EW, is the most iconic place in the whole town and you will definitely want to bring your Amsterdam escort here. Upon arrival you’ll think you’re entering an old abandoned windmill, but step inside and you’ll immediately feel the warm atmosphere of a pub and restaurant. The menus on each table are written on wooden Dutch shoes and when you order a drink you’ll be in for quite a surprise with the kind of glass it comes in. With the bar on the first level and the restaurant on the second level you can get a taste of both when you visit. As a steakhouse it is home to great meat dishes like pork tenderloin and rib-eye steak. The food and the atmosphere are complemented by the excellent service. Customers from all over the world have said that De Oude Molen has an unusually quick and kind wait staff. When you and one of your Amsterdam escorts is done eating go down to the cozy smoke room or out to the terrace for a drink. If you want to come to Nieuw-Vennep as a tourist but blend with the locals then make a reservation at De Oude Molen: 0252-674104.

3: Drift Down the Canals with Hunter Vaart

The Netherlands are world renowned for their beautiful and intricate canals, so this had to make our top five for Nieuw-Vennep. You can grab all of your friends or just have a party for two with your Amsterdam escort on a canal boat with Hunter Varrt. You can go down the Hoofdvaart or Haarlemmermeer, aka the canals, in style! Eat, drink, and listen to music on the boat as you go through the city. This is the perfect way to start a night of partying or to have a romantic evening for two. Call 0252-629333 or talk to the front desk at the hotel (see #1 above) to get information! Better yet, Hunter Vaart goes right to the hotel, De Rustende Jager, so it’s easy to get home at the end of the night!

4: Dance and Party at J Club

In downtown Nieuw-Vennep you will come across an unexpectedly posh night club: J Club. Don’t show up alone though, one of our Amsterdam escorts will be the perfect addition to your night on the town. J Club is considered the most chic place in town to go to dance, drink, and listen to some of the hottest DJs. Go there ready to party and stay until the sun comes up. Call them at +34 (0) 252-629-333 to see if they’re having a themed party night so you can dress accordingly. All other nights they have a strict dress code policy so don’t wear gym clothes or hats. The club is easy to find downtown at Rustoordstraat 12, Nieuw-Vennep. J Club is surprisingly close to the hotel, so don’t worry about losing your way back after your night out!

Take a Short Drive to the Keukenhof

Most people visit Nieuw-Vennep because it is so close the famous Keukenhof, the heart of the tulip and flower industry in The Netherlands. See the tulip fields with one of our Amsterdam escorts and take in both kinds of Dutch beauty. Try getting a bike tour or just wandering around on your own; either way the impressive gardens will be sure to keep you occupied for hours. In April and May is when activities are in full swing, so be sure to check it out while you can. Call 0252-465555 to get more information. Remember that the hotel does a shuttle service to the Keukenhof! But, if you choose to drive then don’t forget the address: Stationsweg 166-A Lisse, Netherlands.

Amsterdam Escorts: Completing Your Trip to Nieuw-Vennep

Don’t get stuck in Amsterdam, take the short drive or train over to Nieuw-Vennep and see what it’s like to live and have fun like a local. Spend the weekend relaxing at the hotel, eating and drinking at De Oude Molen, float down the canals of the city with drinks and music with Hunter Vaart, and finish the night off at J Club. An Amsterdam escort is just what you need to make your time in Nieuw-Vennep even better, so go to to get more information!