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From Nieuwebrug to Haarlem for the Best Coffee Shops

Are you interested in taking the hot girls from Fun Amsterdam Escorts to some of the best coffee shops in town? You know that you want to set out and find the prime weed that Amsterdam can provide, but you’re not traveling with anyone else – maybe you’re in town on business – and you really don’t feel like going out alone. These hotties are here for you. They’re going to take what could have been a long, forgettable trip and make it into a blast, a trip you’ll wish could never end.

If you’re going to Nieuwebrug, though, you should know that there is not much in the area. There’s a little restaurant near the actual bridge that is known for its pancakes. There is a dance company where you can go to watch a performance. Other than that, it’s pretty empty as far as entertainment goes. The reason for this, though, is that it’s just so close to Haarlem, and that’s where all of the businesses want to be. That’s the sector where the Amsterdam escorts spend most of their time, and it’s where locals and tourists alike get together to have fun. Fortunately for you, it’s not far at all, even if you’re just riding your bike, and it will only take minutes to get into Haarlem by train.

Those who haven’t scouted Haarlem out yet need to know that it is the marijuana capital of the Netherlands, if not all of Europe. It seems like there are coffee shops selling weed on every corner – just the way that you can find a Starbucks on every corner if you go to New York City. In some areas, they have to be a bit discreet, but not in Haarlem. After you and the Amsterdam escort get together, take a look at these shops:

Natasha laying on bed in Nieuwebrug holding her breasts with legs up.

Willie Wortel’s Indica

There are two shops running under the Willie’s name in Haarlem, and this is the smaller of the two. That being said, it’s still got a lot more room than many shops in town, so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself. Best of all, it’s right on the edge of the canal, with a terrific view of the water. As far as the weed goes, the selection is incredible. You and the Amsterdam escorts can choose from options like Lavender Haze, Pollen, Orange Bud, PP Ice Hash, and more. They have two computers that you can use to get on the Internet and you and the Amsterdam escorts can play table football, as well. In reality, though, this shop is about the weed selection and the view, and you’ll enjoy those so much that you won’t care what else it has to offer. You can find it at Koudenhorn 58, 2011 JD Haarlem, though the phone number is not listed.

Willie Wortel’s Sativa

As promised, there is a second Willie’s shop, and this is the main one that you and the Amsterdam escorts will probably hear people talking about. It has neon lights, train seats set up as booths, brick walls and festive decorations proudly proclaiming the weed culture in the area – such as the sign telling you that you’re in Hemp City. This is a bigger shop that the last, though it’s usually very full anyway, and the selection is just as good. If you and the Amsterdam escort are traveling by train and not by foot, this is incredibly convenient because it’s close to the station. If anything really sums up what Haarlem is all about, it’s this shop. You’ll find it at Kruisweg 46, 2011 LD Haarlem, and the phone number is +31 (0)23 5317770.


This shop is less well-known – though what isn’t, compared to Willie’s? However, they offer some huge bonuses that you and the Amsterdam escorts don’t want to miss. For one thing, they often have been known to give out weed for free when the holidays roll around. On top of that, they sell both weed and tobacco, with the tobacco going for the low price of just .30 euros. This is an old, established shop, having been founded all the way back in 1989. This means that there are going to be a lot of locals in the place, regulars who come there often. If you and the Amsterdam escorts are ever unsure of what you should buy, these regulars will be more than happy to help you out. You can find the shop at Gedempte Oudegracht 123, 2011 GP Haarlem.


Sandman is a simple, quiet little shop aimed at those who live in Haarlem. The selection is not nearly as extensive as other places, but neither are the crowds. You can also get great prices, and the whole thing is less chaotic than the loud string of people filing in and out of other shops. If you and the Amsterdam escorts just want to pick up one or two types of weed without all of the commotion and without overpaying, this is the place to go. They also have at least one style of hash if you are looking for that over weed. You will find the shop at Zomervaart 154, 2033 DC Haarlem, and the phone number is +31 (0)23 5402501.

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As you can see, your trip to Nieuwebrug can still be terrific, even when you’re traveling by yourself and even though there is not much going on in that region. The proximity to Haarlem makes all of the difference. If you want to meet up with a sexy Amsterdam escort and go exploring in Hemp City, please call us today! We look forward to hearing from you, and we know that we can ensure that you have a great time.

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