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Finding a Hot Hookup in Noordwijkerhout

Located near the coast, Noordwijkerhout has become a very popular destination for its proximity to golf courses, sand beaches, coastal towns and other attractions. It is not coastal itself, but it is a neighboring area, so the flow of tourists through the region is almost nonstop. If you are thinking about coming here, one of the best things that you can do is to call Fun Amsterdam Escorts right now so that you can hook up with one of the hottest girls in the entire country. As long as you’re going to be exploring the nightlife and the tourist hotspots, why not do it with one of these beauties by your side?

It’s really convenient to coordinate with us when you want to meet Amsterdam escorts because we can set everything up in advance and we can work with you to make sure that you are happy with the whole experience. Think about your two other options when you want to hook up with someone for the night: Going to the bar or heading the Red Light District. At the bar, you really just don’t have a guarantee that you’ll meet anyone; it’s based all on luck, so you’re just hoping for the best. While meeting someone is easy in the Red Light District, you again just have to hope for the best. When you turn to Fun Amsterdam Escorts, though, you choose the girl in advance, using the gallery and the bios, so you know she’ll be hot. Let us help you take all of the luck out of the equation so that you know you’re going to have a good time.

Once you get here, you need to know about local hotels, bars, restaurants, and other attractions. We would like to give you a few recommendations, so feel free to take the hot Amsterdam escort to any of these places:

Natasha laying on bed on stomach while in Noordwijkerhout

het Wapen van Noordwijkerhout

The first place you will probably want to take one of these gorgeous Amsterdam escorts is straight to a hotel, and this one would be an excellent choice. It’s a small place, nothing like the huge, modern complexes out by the airport, but it has all of the historic charm and comfort that you could ever need. This makes it a tremendously romantic destination for you and the Amsterdam escorts, which is absolutely what you want. The best part is that the ground floor is a fine dining restaurant, with chicken, soup, salads, fried sole fillets, ice cream, and much more. You can get wine and other drinks, all in the comfort of your own hotel. You will find it at Dorpsstraat 14, 2211 GC, Noordwijkerhout, and the phone number there is +31 (0)252 372389.

Hotel Grand-Café Heeren van Noortwyck

If you do want to be in a hotel that is right near the coast with the Amsterdam escorts, we suggest that you go to this one, which is just outside of Noordwijkerhout, but only by a few minutes. It has everything you want in a seaside hotel: a boardwalk down to the sand, a lighthouse with beach grass all around it, comfortable and yet simple rooms, and a great little bar and restaurant down on the first floor. They have a good wine menu, so ask them if you and the Amsterdam escort can get a bottle to take down to the beach if you want to share a romantic evening watching the sunset. This place is located at Quarles van Uffordstraat 103, 2202 NE, Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 71 361 272.


When it’s time to go out for a meal – after all, you and the Amsterdam escorts don’t want to eat every meal in your hotel, even if the restaurant is pretty good – we would strongly recommend Zegers. You can get fresh seafood, like lobster, crab and fresh-caught fish. You can also get sushi, salads, and other sides. The emphasis here is really on fine dining, with beautiful lighting, fine china and all the rest. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find the atmosphere to be peaceful and enchanting, and the seafood does not get better since you’re so close to the water. You can find the restaurant at Herenweg 78, 2211 CD, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 252 372 588.

Humpy’s Palace

When all you want is a perfect drink, this little bar near Oosterduinse Lake is ideal. The building itself is unique, with a rounded front and tall, plate glass windows, and it gets an incredible amount of natural light. Inside, there is a beautiful wooden bar up front, surrounded by leather-topped bar stools, where you can sit and drink a beer, sip a glass of whiskey, or even pick up a rum and Coke. If you end up wanting to eat, you and the Amsterdam escorts can get things like BBQ and salads off of their lunch menu, and they have a great buffet. This makes things easy for you if you don’t speak Dutch, because you can just indicate that you want to eat at the buffet, and then you can pick out any food that you crave on your own. Of course, your ravishing companion would be more than happy to translate for you, as well. You’ll find this bar at Herenweg 280, 2211 VD, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 252 371 157.

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As you can see, there is a lot for you and an Amsterdam escort to do in town. Yes, you get a beautiful girl to hook up with, and finding that companionship for the night is easier than it would be anywhere else. At the same time, though, you get to meet up with a girl who can take you around the town and make your whole trip more fun. It’s the entire package, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Call us (or email us) now to learn more!

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