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Sassenheim: Tulips, Fine Dining and More

Sassenheim is an area with a lot of natural beauty, such as the rows and rows of tulips, covering fields with blankets of color. If you’ve never seen tulips grown like this before, it can be a great activity when you go on a date with Amsterdam escorts. This isn’t at all like your standard flower shops or greenhouses; it’s acres and acres of flowers, brightly blooming so that you can’t even see the grass. After you are done, you can go to the downtown district, with its wide roads and great brick buildings; it just feels comfortable, and it really draws you in. You and the Amsterdam escorts can eat a meal on the patio at one of the local restaurants, watching this small-town life, and feel relaxed in a way that you haven’t felt for years.

Tara Laying On Couch showing bare butt at Sassenheim Party!

The Allure of Amsterdam Escorts

If you have not yet taken a moment to browse through the gallery on this site, you should do it as soon as you get a chance. You’ll very quickly start to see the allure of these beautiful women. They are sexy, intelligent, and eager to show you the time of your life. When you go on a date with an Amsterdam escort, you get more than just someone to show you around, a companion for the day. Of course, having these women at your side makes the day far more fun, as they engage you in conversations, share your meals, and show you that the Dutch know how to drink when you hit the bars afterwards. But the true fun starts when you and the Amsterdam escorts get back to bed and they show you that you’ve never had all of your sexual cravings fulfilled quite like this before.

Before you get to that, though, why not take a look at some of the things to do around town? Here are a few of our favorites, and we’d be glad to tell you about some more if you take a moment to give us a call or send us an email.

Los Canales de Leiden

If you liked the beauty of the tulip fields, just wait until you and the Amsterdam escorts go on a trip down one of the canals, looking at all of the flowers adorning the houses on either side. The homes themselves are beautiful, many small boats wander their way up and down the canal, and you get the feeling that you’re on a romantic getaway the likes of which you never thought you’d find outside of Venice. Want to score some extra points with the Amsterdam escorts? Buy her some flowers and give them to her on the boat, or surprise her when you pull them out from behind your back. A romantic setting like this just calls for it! To find this, you need to go to Kagerdreef 18, Sassenheim, The Netherlands, and you can call 0058999689757.

Moeders Eethuis

Just ask any Amsterdam escort, and she’ll tell you that this place ranks at the top of the list if you’re looking for a good meal, and a lot of it has nothing to do with the food. It’s the location and the view. You can eat at an outdoor patio with lots of space, elegant table settings, and a terrific view of the brick buildings all around you. When we mentioned getting downtown to see the historic charm, this is what we meant. Of course, the food is great as well, with classic Dutch food. If you do decide to eat inside – perhaps the weather will not permit outdoor dining – the place is comfortable, with photos on the walls and nice finishing touches that make it feel just like a home. You can find it at Oude Haven 1, Sassenheim, The Netherlands, and the phone number is 0252 22 75 48.

Da Noi

This modern Italian restaurant may not be first on our list, but you’ll find it first on a lot of other city rankings, and there’s a reason for it. Our Amsterdam escorts love going here for the incredible food, generous portions, and excellent selection of wine. Even the cheapest options – the house wine – can be incredible. Choose from a variety of fresh dishes that are cooked to order, such as lasagne, salads, pizza, and many different combinations of pasta, meat and sauce. Since it’s all fresh, not prepared beforehand and then thawed, they’re more than happy to mix it up if you see pasta, sauce and other ingredients that you want to eat together, but which have not yet been combined on the menu. Just tell them you want a special order for you and the Amsterdam escorts, and they’ll jump right to it. This restaurant is at Hoofdstraat 167a, Sassenheim, The Netherlands, and their phone number is +31 252 752 688.

De Voogd

This is another classic Dutch option that we think you’ll love, and it’s similar to Moeders Eethuis in many ways. You can eat out on the patio, you can drink a nice glass of cold beer and watch the town around you, and you can get hearty meals that always satisfy. Even the sandwiches – with turkey, bacon, eggs, and more – are very well done, so this is a good place to go if you need a lunch or a quick meal. They’re very friendly, as is the owner’s dog, who is always found greeting people when they come up to the patio. You and the Amsterdam escorts will find this place at Hoofdstraat 267B, Sassenheim, The Netherlands, and their phone number is 0252 23 27 70.

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