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Enjoying the Natural Beauty in Warmond

When you think about going out with beautiful Amsterdam escorts, you probably think of taking them out in the city, hitting up bars, coffee shops and other such attractions. While much of Amsterdam and Haarlem consist of bustling, active urban areas, with all of the amenities that you get in a modern city, do not make the mistake of thinking that the whole area is like this. The fact of the matter is that places like Warmond actually give you a lot of natural beauty and outdoor options that you can choose from. If you’re coming here to go on a date with one of these ravishing girls from Fun Amsterdam Escorts, you’ll find that they just love dates that incorporate this natural beauty and all of the options and opportunities that it provides.

Natasha laying down on stomach in bikini at Warmond

Girls Who Love the Outdoors

Perhaps you know that you love getting outside and enjoying yourself, even when you’re looking for restaurants and other date destinations, but you’re not sure which of the Amsterdam escorts will be into it as well. All you have to do is go to the gallery section and read the bios for each Amsterdam escort. Yes, the pictures are the main attraction, and some of them are seriously hot, but the bios tell you what the girls’ hobbies are, what activities they enjoy, what they tend to do when they’re not at work, and things of this nature.

That being said, there are many options in Warmond, with lakes like the Zweiland, the ‘t Joppe, the Norremeer, and more. Here are some of the things that we think you have to check out while you’re here.

Olympia Charters

This established company – they have been around since 1977 – offers boat tours that you and the Amsterdam escorts can enjoy. The lakes and rivers all run into one another and connect into a network that you can use to take the most picturesque trip of your life to places like Amsterdam, Haarlem, Gouda, Utrecht and more. They have rentals for just about any timeframe that you’re interested in, including weekend and midweek trips, or you can rent the boats out for simple day trips. The luxurious craft come in many different sizes, so you just have to pick out what fits your needs. Imagine exploring the area in a beautiful, 24-foot boat with comfortable sleeping quarters and the ability to go almost anywhere that you want, all without using any form up public transportation. You’ll love it, and so will the Amsterdam escorts. You can find the main headquarters for the company at Veerpolder 61-67, Industrieterrein Veerpolder, NL 2361 KZ, Warmond. Their phone number is +31 71 3010043.

Houseboat on Kagerlakes

Maybe you’re still looking for somewhere to stay, and the local hotels are just not giving you everything that you want. Why not try staying a few nights on a houseboat? You and the Amsterdam escorts will adore the unique setting, you’ll have your own space without having to deal with any other guests, and you can enjoy the water firsthand. This lovely boat has a nice sitting area, a deck on the back where you and the Amsterdam escort can relax with a bottle of wine, and a very spacious, accommodating bed that can give you the best sleep you’ve ever had. There is even a flatscreen TV that you can use. You’ll find this boat in Zijldijk, Warmond, South Holland 2362, Netherlands. The best way to contact the owner is simply to go to AirBnb, and their name is Katelijne. Online contact is preferred.


After spending a day on the water, renting out sailboats, kayaking, swimming, and just enjoying yourself, what could be better than a great restaurant where you can eat out with one of the Amsterdam escorts? This restaurant is very close to the water, giving it tremendous views, and it is a bit secluded from the clustered restaurant district on the other side of the lake. It has a great nautical feel to it, with a rustic wooden bar, and everything is bright, clean, and open. The bar is a terrific place to start for a glass of wine or a mixed drink if you and the Amsterdam escorts are waiting for a table. The menu includes options like a Caesar salad, ravioli, burgers, steak, and crème brulee. The prices are very good, and this place probably gives you a bit more of a fine dining experience than you’d expect at the price point. You can find it at Sweilandpolder 8, 2362 AG Warmond, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 71 501 8222.

Restaurant De Moerbei

If you do want to be on the other side of the water, where the majority of the restaurants are located, we recommend that you and the Amsterdam escorts check this place out on the strength of the location. It is very close to the water. The outdoor dining is especially nice, with beautiful tables covered in white tablecloths, trees surrounding the patio, and perfect lighting in the evening. The menu includes a three-course lunch and three-, four- and six-course dinners. You will find this place at Dorpsstraat 5, 2361 AK, Warmond, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 71 515 6898.

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As you can see, much of Warmond is centered around the water, whether you and the Amsterdam escort are staying right on it in a houseboat, enjoying it from the deck of a beautiful touring boat, or taking in the view at one of the seaside restaurants. It really makes for a terrific, relaxing experience that you can’t find anywhere else, and it is often less crowded than the packed seaside towns out on the coast. To find the perfect girl when you visit, please call us now! On our contact page, you’ll find information about how to call or email us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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