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Enjoy Music, Chocolate, Dancing and History with your Amsterdam Escort

It’s time for you to come to Zaandam, and whether it’s for business or for pleasure, it’s going to be all the better with one of our fabulous Amsterdam escorts. These ladies know how to ensure that you’ll have a good time in and out of the bedroom, and want nothing more than to show you the best of our region. Once you know which sexy Amsterdam escort is the gal for you, you can start planning how you want to make the most of your time together.

Zaandam is a town in the province of North Holland, and thus not far from the North Sea or Amsterdam. This means it’s a great spot to visit, especially if you’re with one of our Amsterdam escorts. You can find both quiet corners of the beach and vibrant nightlife hotspots, both of which will be places where you can be the envy of all you see due to the sensual woman at your side.

You may be interested to know that Zaandam is very old as an industrial region. This is because it could operate on wind rather than steam, and so may have been functioning before other industrial areas. There is still evidence in this heritage in the older buildings in town and out in the countryside. During the Dutch Golden Age, in the 17th century, Zaandam was a great center of milling, and processed wood for the paper and shipbuilding industries. When the Industrial Revolution was happening all over the world, Zaandam played a leading role, and continued to be very active in the lumber market well into the 20th century. Since our Amsterdam escorts are well rounded women with an interest in history, they’ll likely enjoy knowing a few historical things about their destination.

We know that many of our clients are drawn to the region because of Amsterdam escorts, as well as the relaxed atmospheres of coffee shops and other establishments. We love being a place where adults can come to indulge in a range of fantasies and pleasures, and providing these services safely. You can be confident that our Amsterdam escorts are discreet women who know how to enhance your time in Zaandam. Since many of our clients are not from the area, we’ve taken a little time to compile a list of places to go and things to do. We hope it helps you plan fantastic dates with your chosen Amsterdam escort.

Natasha laying down on stomach with her butt sticking up in in Zaandam

Zaandam Has Plenty to Offer Your and Amsterdam Escorts

From history and industry to restaurants and bars, Zaandam offers plenty of opportunity to keep yourself entertained, and to show off your Amsterdam escort.

Czar Peter House

This is where Peter the Great, or Czar Peter, spent his first days in the Netherlands during the 17th century. He was here to learn a bit more about Dutch industry and technique. Today, his residence is one of the oldest wooden houses in the country. Stone floors, brickwork and paintings bring the past to life for everyone who visits. Amsterdam escorts love history as much as anyone else, and will enjoy a trip to this amazing home. Find it at Krimp 23 or by calling +31 75 681-0000.


Located in what used to be the workspace of a blacksmith, this small local pub is near the harbor and has some great beer. Kick back with folks from the area, as well as an Amsterdam escort, and get a real taste of Zaandam. Visit Hogendijk 46 or call +31 6 150-719-02.

Cafe Fishline

Known as a blues and rock pub, and sitting right on the waterfront, Cafe Fishline features live music and jam sessions. If you enjoy music but aren’t into the thumping dance beats of the clubs, opt for this Zaandam gem with your sexy date. Choose from indoor or outdoor seating. Stop in at Zuiddijk 39 or call +31 75 615-86-12 for more information.

De Kade

It’s a pretty sure thing that your chosen lady from our Amsterdam escorts will have a good time at De Kade. You’ll both love the venue, which offers pop, rock and dance from both DJs and live bands. Right in the heart of Zaandam, De Kade is the ultimate place to show off, and get closer with, your Amsterdam escort.

Panchos Cantina

Hungry for some Mexican food? Panchos Cantina is a traditional restaurant with a fabulous staff and welcoming environment. You and a lovely date from our selection of women can enjoy a casual yet great dining experience at Rozengracht 20, Zaandam 1506 SC. Call 075-6156350 to find out more.

Zaanse Schans

Along the River Zaan is this collection of historic, working windmills and accompanying museums and shops. Get a real sense of how the Netherlands has changed and developed when you see inside these pieces of industrial history. Take in lovely countryside views as well. Find Zaanse Schans at Schansend 1, Zaandam 1509 AW or when you call 31 75 616 82 18.

Zaans Museum & Verkade Paviljoen

Who doesn’t love the idea of a chocolate and biscuit factory? At Zaans Museum & Verkade Paviljoen you’ll find this and so much more. Even though they watch their health and weight with diligence, our Amsterdam escorts will be thrilled to join you in this discover of Dutch culture. Schansend 7 1509 AW, Zaandam is the address or you can call +31(0)75 681 00 00.

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We hope the above list gives you a good sense of what you can do with your Amsterdam escort in Zaandam. It doesn’t matter if you’re here for a day or a month, our girls will show you exactly what you want to see and then some. Make the most of your time in North Holland when you make a date with one of our beauties!