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A Handy Guide to Food Options in Zwaanshoek

Few things are more frustrating when you’re traveling than not being sure where to go when you want to grab a bite to eat. This gets even worse when you’re on a date with one of the stunning girls from Fun Amsterdam Escorts. You want to impress them. We know all about the challenges that face you when you come to Zwaanshoek from out of town – or, perhaps, out of the country entirely – and so we want to give you this quick guide that you can use to find the closest local food options. This way, you and the Amsterdam escorts don’t have to search the whole city. There is plenty of excellent food that is just steps away from your hotel.

Before you set out, you should know that our Amsterdam escorts are phenomenal tour guides. The girl you spend the day with – or the week – is probably going to be from the area, a local girl who grew up here and who knows the city like the back of her hand. Even the girls who have come to the Netherlands from elsewhere, craving the fun and excitement that the country offers, have been here for years. You’re not going to find another guide who is as well versed in the local food and drink scene as she will be, so feel free to ask her for suggestions at any point, and she’ll be thrilled to help you out. To start, though, take a look at these options.

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Snackbar De Kemphaan

Let’s start with something simple. Perhaps you and the Amsterdam escort are going to spend the day hitting up the coffee shops so you can try out the local weed and hash. These shops have everything that you need when it comes to marijuana, but most of them lack one crucial part of the big picture: Snacks! When you’re craving a quick sandwich, chips, fries, candy or other types of food, this snack bar will give you what you want for a rock-bottom price. Don’t go here for a meal, per se, but remember where it is so that you can drop in for quick food when you just want something to munch on. You can find it at Bennebroekerweg 944-A, 2136 NH Zwaanshoek, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 23 584 9844


Biergoed is a local brewery. Some of the best beer in the world is made right in Holland, as the Amsterdam escorts will attest, but not much of it makes it out of the country. Heineken is fine, but it does not really represent all of the diversity of options in the Netherlands as a whole. Biergoed is the perfect place for you to learn more with the Amsterdam escorts, trying out beer that is so fresh that it has never been stored, bottled or canned. What they have on tap depends on what they’re brewing at the time, so you may want to call to find out what’s on before you go there, but you can usually find wheat beers that are crisp and refreshing, porters that have a robust, strong flavor, stouts that are smooth and thick, often brewed with chocolate malts, and much more. You and the Amsterdam escorts can find this brewery at Spieringweg 927, 2136 LK Zwaanshoek, Netherlands. To see what they are brewing right now, just call them at +31 6 46293134.

Restaurant Long Island

If you’re willing to venture just outside of Zwaanshoek, the lake at Toolenburg Park is home to a pair of great restaurants. The first is Restaurant Long Island. You get a great view of the water if you eat outside on the patio with the Amsterdam escort, and it’s something that really can’t be beat. They truly cater to outdoor living, with wicker furniture, crystal water glasses, umbrellas to offer shade from the sun, and more. You’ll feel like you’re sharing a meal on the beach with the Amsterdam escorts. The menu itself has a lot of variety, with salad, steak, sandwiches, fresh fish, meat and cheese plates, and an entire section devoted to afternoon tea. It’s a fancy place, but it’s also relaxing. The restaurant is located at IJweg 1270, 2133 MJ Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and their phone number is +31 23 888 1868. Most days, they are open from eleven in the morning until eleven at night.


On the opposite side of the lake from Long Island, you and the Amsterdam escorts will find Lieveling, another place that is situated with a great view of the water. They open slightly earlier, at ten in the morning, and then they close at eleven at night. This place is a bit more modern in style, with dark leather chairs and the hard, straight lines of modern architecture. It makes it feel classy and sophisticated, with less of the laid-back vibe of Long Island and more emphasis on presentation. The lunch menu is fairly simple, with burgers, salad, soups and the like. However, it is the dinner menu that really sets this place apart, with spareribs, ribeye steak, and the always-fresh Catch of the Day. They also have a small but excellent wine list that has everything from Nouveau Monde Sauvignon Blanc to Chablis le Finage to Bergsis Cabernet Sauvignon. Most of the wine comes with the option to buy either a glass or the entire bottle. You can find this restaurant at Redenburgsingel 110, 2135 AC Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 23 555 6080.

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