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Does Leimuiden Have a Good Scene for Nightlife?

A lot of the people who contact us here at Fun Amsterdam Escorts are going to Leimuiden, but they are not always that excited about it because they think the area is too small to really give them the fun nightlife that they crave. We are here to put that notion to rest! Sure, Leimuiden may be a small region in the Netherlands, but it is close to other areas where nightlife isn’t hard to find at all, such as Hoofddorp. There is plenty to do, even if you just want to walk, and even more if you take the public transportation or rent a cab. Let us show you why this underrated area really deserves your respect; we assure you that you are going to have a fabulous time.

Sophie on her bed in Leimuiden in doggie position.

The Full Nightlife Experience

One thing that you should know before you get to the specifics is that going out with Amsterdam escorts is going to change the way that you see nightlife, bars, clubs and having fun in a foreign city. For a lot of people, they feel overwhelmed by not knowing exactly where to go or how to meet new people, and so they just stay back at the hotel. Don’t let that be you. These sexy Amsterdam escorts are looking to have a great time. They give you instant companionship, and they take away the pressure to meet a beautiful girl who will come back to your hotel for the night – you have her with you the whole time. The girls love to party and they’re going to ensure that you never have to drink alone.

Bar Bistro Joseph

If you want to start with some dinner before hitting the bars hard, this is a good place to go. They can give you steak that is seasoned and cooked to perfection, very fresh shrimp, Indonesian pork satay and much more. The cuisine is a bit of a mix between a few different styles, as you can tell, but this makes it easy for you and the Amsterdam escort to both find something that you’ll enjoy, regardless of your personal tastes. Everything is served with an elegant presentation, but it’s not over the top. You can find this place at Hoofdweg 728-A, 2132 BV, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, and the phone number is +31 23 5639389.

Cafe Rembrandt

Not only is this place close to Leimuiden, but it’s also close to the airport, so it’s the ultimate convenience for you. The food menu here is small, as they focus more on drinks, but they will not care if you bring in food that you have with you. Still, this is a place best explored after eating out with the Amsterdam escorts, as you can turn straight to the drinks. For the most part, they offer beer, both local brews that are on tap and bottled varieties from all around the world. The outdoor terrace is great, and they even have a special smoking area. You can find it at Aankomstpassage 45, 1118 AX Schiphol, The Netherlands, and the phone number if you want to call before you and the Amsterdam escorts show up is +31 20 6538131.


Bubbles basically does two things, but they do them well: Seafood and wine. What a combination it is. You and the Amsterdam escorts can try delicious sushi or fish platters while drinking your favorite vintages, from smooth, sweet white wines to the dry, robust flavors of red wine. As you might expect, it has a modern sort of style, with leather bar stools and bright lights. You and the Amsterdam escort will find this place, which has made top ten lists for its excellent fare, at Lounge 3, 1118 CP Schiphol, The Netherlands.

Papa’s Beachhouse

If you and the Amsterdam escorts are looking for something that is a bit farther away from the airport, you have to give this place a try. There is nothing like holding a dark bottle of good beer, sitting outside on the deck, and looking out over the water. It’s a beautiful view. This is also a great place to take the Amsterdam escorts if you want to try some new beers since they are a brewery; everything is going to be fresh and new. The IPA comes highly recommended, especially in the summer. You can find this place at IJweg 961, 2131 LV Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. Their phone number is +31 23 5642620.

Super Fly

The last place you have to know about is Super Fly, the only coffee shop in Hoofddorp and one of the closest ones to Leimuiden. There are couches for you to hang out on, rather than the standard tables and chairs that you’ll find at a lot of the coffee shops, so you can really relax in this place. The selection of weed and hash is extensive. While this is a shop that is mostly frequented by people from the area, you also get people coming in from the airport – which is about 25 minutes away if you take the bus – so there is a good mix. You and the Amsterdam escorts can buy weed and smoke it there, you can get a bag to take away with you, and you can really enjoy the freedom of the Netherlands. This shop is found at Kruisweg 1043, 2131 CS, Hoofddorp, and their phone number is +31 (0)23 5556945.

Call Now!

If there is anything else that you want to know about the city or about meeting up with an Amsterdam escort while you’re here, we hope that you’ll call us today! For anything that you need to make your trip easier and much more fun, we’re here for you. Just email us or call us whenever it is convenient, and we can tell you where to stay, where to go out on the town and how best to enjoy your time with these sexy ladies who are really looking forward to meeting you.

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